A Comprehensive Whiteout Survival Hero Guide

Whiteout Survival is a game where you guide a world facing a freezing disaster. You’ll deal with harsh weather, dangerous animals, and people trying to take advantage of the tough situation.

As the leader of the last city in this frozen land, the fate of humanity is in your hands. However, there are 13 heroes in the game, and you can recruit 10 of them from the Hero Hall.

You may get lucky and win one through the Lucky Wheel event. The other two are up for grabs, but you’ll need to buy them. That said, These heroes are grouped Into three categories: Quality, Duty, and Troop Type.

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1. Quality Heroes

In this game, heroes come in three flavors or colors: Rare (blue), Epic (purple), and Mythic (gold). So, the quality of a hero determines how many skills they get.

If you’ve got a Rare hero (the blue ones), they’ll have 2 Exploration skills and 2 Expedition skills. And If you boost It to an Epic hero (the purple crew), and you’re looking at 3 Exploration skills and 2 Expedition skills.

Also, if you’ve hit the jackpot with a Mythic hero (the golden legends), they’ll have 3 Exploration skills and a full 3 Expedition skills. Basically, the better the quality, the more skills your hero brings to the game.

2. Duty Heroes

Duties Hero” refers to heroes with specific roles in combat and growth. Combat Heroes, wearing a red crossed-swords icon, come in handy during battles on the map.

They possess Expedition skills meant for combat which gives you an edge in fights. However, growth Heroes, featuring a green hammer icon, focuses on town development.

Their Expedition skills not only boost building production in your town but also provide bonuses for gathering on the map. The Zinman’s third Expedition skill is an exception, offering a combat buff during map exploration.

Here’s the lineup:

Combat Heroes: Sergey, Bahiti, Jesse, Patrick, Gina, Molly, Natalia, and Jeronimo. Growth Heroes: Cloris, Eugene, Smith, Charlie, and Zinman.

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Troop Type Heroes

In the game, each hero has a special connection with a particular type of troop.

There are three troop types:

  1. Infantry: These troops are represented by the blue shield icon.
  2. Marksman: Look out for the blue crossbow icon to identify this troop type.
  3. Lancers: Spot them with the blue lance icon.

Heroes boost the Attack and Defense stats of their associated troop type. And the higher you ascend your hero’s star level, the more potent these buffs become. They also come in different flavors.

Rare heroes are a bit modest in the buff department, Epic heroes fall somewhere in the middle, and Mythic heroes are the heavy hitters, providing the most significant buffs.

To make the most of these buffs, it’s important to have the right troops under the command of the corresponding hero during a march.

Infantry heroes, including Smith, Eugene, Sergey, Natalia, and Jeronimo, should lead infantry troops. Marksman heroes like Cloris, Bahiti, Gina, and Zinman are your go-to for leading marksman troops. Lastly, lancer heroes, including Charlie, Patrick, Jesse, and Molly, are the ones you want in charge of lancer troops.

Usually, the game sets this up for you when forming a march, but there may be times when you want to take control and form a march manually. Just make sure you’ve got the right troops paired up with the right hero to ensure success on the battlefield.

1. The Hero Skills

Heroes have two types of skills: one for Exploration and one for Expedition. Exploration skills come into play when your hero joins the Exploration lineup.

Hit the Exploration button at the bottom left to set it up and tackle levels for sweet rewards. These skills also contribute during Arena battles. However, Expedition skills are what your hero uses while chilling in your town or wandering the map.

To level up these skills, you’ll need Exploration and Expedition Manuals. Rare heroes need Rare Manuals, Epic heroes require Epic Manuals, and Mythic heroes demand Mythic Manuals.

2. Hero Gears

Once your Furnace hits level 15, you unlock the ability to deck out your heroes with Hero Gears. These gears come in types like Headgear, Gloves, Belts, and Footwear.

Each Hero Gear is tailor-made for the troop type of your hero. So, Infantry heroes get Infantry Gear, Marksman heroes get Marksman Gear, and Lancer heroes rock Lancer Gear. However, there’s a rainbow of gear colors, from Grey to Gold. Grey is the meh, while Gold is the jackpot.

The color determines how strong the buffs are.

Each piece of gear boosts Hero Power, Attack or Defense, Health, and throws in a Troop Command buff for good measure, either Health or Lethality.

Headgear and Footwear are the style icons, giving your hero extra Attack, Health, and Troop Lethality. On the other hand, Gloves and Belts are all about defense, boosting Hero Defense, Hero Health, and Troop Health.

If you want to make your gear stronger, enhance it using Enhancement XP Components or other gear. To get these beauties, complete Exploration levels, grab Idle rewards, or splurge in the Arena Store for the fancy Gold Quality Gear. Spend 12,000 Arena Tokens for a Custom Mythic Hero Gear crate.

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How You Can Upgrade Heroes?

Upgrading your heroes is essential to making them stronger. You do this using Hero XP. As your heroes level up, their overall power, attack, defense, and health increase.

Plus, you get more troop capacity. Leveling up also boosts the attack, defense, and health of the soldiers who roll with your hero, known as escorts.

These are the folks sticking by your hero in exploration and arena battles. However, to get Hero XP, there are various ways. The more you explore and battle, the more XP you gather to keep your heroes up for the battle.

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