A Guide To Dragon Ball Xeno Multiverse Trello

Dragon Ball Xeno Multiverse Trello is a comprehensive resource created by the Dragon Ball Xeno Multiverse game developers, aiming to improve players’ understanding of the game.

Here’s the link to the official Dragon Ball Xeno Multiverse Trello: https://trello.com/b/sLJnGY2q/dbxm

When you click on the link above, you will be taken to the Trello board where you will see a column list of the features In the game.

These features are well documented, making It a fantastic place to learn more about the game. However, It doesn’t matter if you are new or a pro player, It is accessible to everyone. Allow me to share some of the features that you will come across In the Dragon Ball Xeno Multiverse Trello board.

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Official DB: XM Links

One of the columns you will see on the Trell board contains the official link to the game. So, If you would love to stay connected, here are a few places to follow them:

  • Game Link:

[Start Menu Updated] DB: Xeno Multiverse

  • Discord Link:

Discord – A New Way to Chat with Friends & Communities

  • Group Link:

[Official] Versatile Productions


FlightDouble Space / Hold Space
Sprint/Flight BoostLeft Shift
CombatLeft Click / Right Click
DashingHold W, S, A, D + Tap G
Left SwitchT
Right SwitchY
KI ChargeC
GrabE + G
BurstDashE + F or E + F + F

How To Train

Training MethodDescription
QuestsComplete open-world quests located across different map regions. Ideal for beginners with simple tasks and opportunities to earn Power Level (PL).
Story ModeEngage in Story Mode chapters to efficiently start your journey, gaining PL ranging from 10,000 to 53,000 after completing two chapters.
Fighting PlayersIncrease PL by engaging in combat with other players. PL gains occur only when both players are actively fighting.
Fighting Special PeopleTrain with special players possessing unique roles and races, typically through the game's Discord server. This specialized training accelerates PL growth and unlocks powerful forms.
Form MasteryMaster the mechanics of Form Mastery to unlock new transformations and enhance combat capabilities. Non-Saiyan races benefit significantly from form mastery training.
RaidsParticipate in raids to earn PL based on inflicted damage. PL gains scales with the amount of damage dealt during the raid. Access the raid menu through "m+stats" to monitor progress.
ChambersUtilize God Chamber and Hyperbolic Chamber to efficiently grind PL and expedite form mastery. These chambers offer accelerated PL growth and faster transformation mastery.

Different Races

In Dragon Ball Xeno Multiverse, several races offer different advantages and unique abilities for players to explore. Let’s learn the attributes and traits of each race:

Acrosian (Starting PL: 300)

  • Passives:

Acrosians boast increased Ki damage and maximum Ki capacity, doubling their effectiveness in battle. When at maximum Ki, they gain a speed boost both in flight and on the ground.

Bio Androids (Starting PL: 125)

  • Passives

Bio Androids inherit the passives of Saiyans, Namekians, Acrosians, and Humans. They enjoy increased base HP and receive a significant temporary attack boost when below 25% health. Also, they benefit from Zenkai boosts and instant regeneration under specific conditions.

  • Transformations:

Bio Androids can ascend through various forms:

  • Semi-Perfect Form (PL Requirement: 350k, Multiplier: x50)
  • Perfect Form (PL Requirement: 750k, Multiplier: x100)
  • Super Perfect Form (PL Requirement: 1.5m, Multiplier: 120x)
  • Bio Gold Form (PL Requirement: 2.3m, Multiplier: 135x)
  • Black Form (PL Requirement: Unspecified, Multiplier: Unspecified)

Demons (Starting PL: 100)

  • Passives

Demons have decreased base HP but possess passive healing abilities, exclusive to the hell environment. They exhibit enhanced speed and damage while in the hell map and automatically revive upon their first knockdown with boosted attributes.

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Half-Saiyans (Starting PL: 95)

  • Passives

Half-Saiyans benefit from Zenkai boosts and receive a significant temporary attack increase when below 25% health. Moreover, they gain extra Ki damage when their Ki charge exceeds 50%.

Hera (Starting PL: 95)

  • Passives

Hera races enjoy increased combat damage and Ki charge. Similar to Half-Saiyans, they gain extra Ki damage when their Ki charge surpasses 50%.

Human (Starting PL: 95):

  • Passives

Humans possess enhanced combat damage and Ki charge speed. They also gain additional Ki damage when their Ki charge reaches over 50%.

  • Transformations

Humans can ascend through various forms:

  • Buff Human (PL Requirement: 50k, Multiplier: x10)
  • Super Human (PL Requirement: 150k, Multiplier: x25)
  • Full Power Super Human (PL Requirement: 350k, Multiplier: x35)
  • Maximum Power Super Human (PL Requirement: 550k, Multiplier: x50)
  • God Human (PL Requirement: 1.5m, Multiplier: 125x)

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Raid Bosses

Raid Boss
Raid Difficulty
Spawn Time
Mentorship Requirement
Every 1h30m
Push Ups, Evil Goku Outfit, Goku Outfit [Colored], Assault Transmission, Assault Kamehameha, Instant Burst Kamehameha, Kaioken
Complete Goku Mentorship
Very Hard
Every 1h30m
Come At Me, Vegeta Push Ups, Capsule Corp Vegeta Armor, Vegeta Majin Saga Armor [Colored], Blow Shot Retreat, Final Sledgehammer, Looking Up Emote
Complete Vegeta Mentorship
Not Fully Implemented
Win 1 time and get 2% every time (drops unspecified)
Complete Vegito Mentorship
Not Fully Implemented
Win 1 time and get 2% every time (drops unspecified)
Complete Cooler Mentorship

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