A List of All Stellaris Best Traditions

Traditions are the evolving story of an empire. As it grows and develops, traditions become the unique abilities, rules, or bonuses that you unlock using something called Unity.

They’re the special tools that shape how your empire behaves. You can make it better at what it’s already good at or fix things that aren’t working so well.

When you finish a set of traditions, you earn a special perk called an Ascension Perk. It’s kind of a bonus boost that makes your empire better.

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1. Supremacy

In Stellaris, the Supremacy tradition tree is a strategic playbook for empires that want to dominate through their fleets and armies.

This tree is open to all empires. The Supremacy tradition gives a nice boost to your navy size, which adds +20 to your Naval Capacity.

Your armies also get a significant punch with a +20% increase in damage. Master Shipwrights is a savvy move, reducing the cost of building ships at spaceports by 10% and speeding up the process by 25%.

Fleet Logistics Corps is another gem, lowering ship upkeep by 10% and adding +20% to your Naval Capacity. Overwhelming Force lives up to its name, and It enhances your ship fire rate by 10% and increases orbital bombardment damage by 20%.

War Games not only expands your fleet command limit by 20 but also gives your admirals an extra commander capacity and increases their starting skill levels by +1.

The Great Game is the final touch that gives you a formidable +20% damage against starbases and unlocks the powerful War Doctrine policies.

2. Prosperity

The Prosperity tradition tree is one of the best traditions In the game, and they offer a range of empire-wide bonuses that can benefit any civilization.

Here are some of the essential features:

Minerals get a solid 20% boost in mining station output, and If you have the Galactic Paragons DLC, unlocking the Favored Society agenda becomes possible.

Administrative Operations are streamlined with a 10% reduction in building and district upkeep. This makes it easier to manage your growing empire.

The Standard Construction Templates ensure efficiency, reducing planet building costs by 10% and speeding up construction by 25%.

The Pursuit of Profit focuses on your population, and this improves specialist and complex drone output by 5%. Interstellar Franchising cuts job upkeep by 5%.

The Public Works Division is a boon for Void Dwellers, showing additional housing for city, hive, nexus districts, and residential arcologies.

Void Dwellers also get an extra housing point for habitation districts and an added district for habitats, along with a 5% boost in resource output from jobs.

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3. Psionic

The Psionic tradition tree opens up some great options for your empire, but there are conditions. To kick off the Psionic journey, you’ll need the Mind Over Matter ascension perk or the Teachers of the Shroud origin alongside the Psionic Theory technology.

Firstly, diving into the Psionic tradition gives your entire population the Latent Psionic trait. It’s unlocking the hidden psychic potential for everyone.

With Telepathy tech, you can communicate more efficiently. Building the Psi Corps and its orbital ring counterpart helps maintain order and boost productivity.

The Mind Readers tradition adds +10 to your Intel Level and grants access to the Sight Beyond Sight edict. The Great Awakening replaces the Latent Psionic trait with the more powerful Psionic trait for your main species.

Breach the Shroud unlocks a special project that permits you to enter the mysterious Shroud, and Shrouded Communications provides bonuses to codebreaking, and encryption, and reduces the cooldown for delving into the Shroud. Overall, embracing the Psionic traditions can significantly shape the capabilities of your stellar empire.

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4. Cybernetic

The Cybernetic tradition tree is a game-changer for empires that adopt technology and cybernetic enhancements. To embark on this path, you’ll need to pick either the ascension perk “The Flesh is Weak” or “Organo-Machine Interfacing” and unlock the “Integrated Cybernetics” technology.

Once you’ve adopted the Cybernetic traditions, the “Cybernetic Advantage” agenda becomes available. For assimilators, there’s a special project to grant all pops the valuable “Cybernetic” trait.

This trait doubles Unity and Society research for each assimilated pop and also provides Engineering research per assimilated pop.

As you progress, you unlock powerful features like “Cybernetic Assimilation,” which assimilates one pop each year and can even absorb Hive-minded pops.

The tradition tree also reduces the upkeep of Cybernetic pops, trims down empire sprawl for Hive Minds, and enables the modification of Cybernetic pops with additional traits.

Furthermore, embracing Modular Cybernetics greatly lowers the cost of modifying species, which authorizes the application of Robot modification points to biological pops.

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