Active Demigod Idle Coupon Codes 

Demigod Idle codes are coupon codes that players can redeem within the game, Demigold Idle to obtain rewards like Ruby, Awakening Dungeon Key, Option Conversion Stone, Equipment Dungeon Key, and Elemental Summon Ticket.

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List Of Working Demigod Idle Coupon Codes

  • HADESSMS—Redeem for x10k Ruby and x10 Awakening Dungeon Key (New)
  • GRANDOPEN009 —Redeem for 15k Ruby and x30k Option Conversion Stone (New)
  • MAGICALGIRL—Redeem for x30k Ruby and x10 Awakening Dungeon Key
  • 12DEMIGOD—Redeem for x30k Ruby and x10 Awakening Dungeon Key
  • DEMIGOD12000—Redeem for x20k Ruby and x10 Equipment Dungeon Key
  • DEMIGODTOP1—Redeem for x30k Ruby, x10k Option Conversion Stone, x3 Awakening Dungeon Key
  • CONGRATS500K—Redeem for x30k Ruby, x10k Option Conversion Stone, x5 Awakening Dungeon Key
  • NEWDEMIGOD—Redeem for x20k Ruby
  • DISCORD4000—Redeem for x10k Ruby and x5 Awakening Dungeon Keys
  • Welcome2DemiGod—Redeem for 10k Ruby, x30 Elemental Summon Ticket, and x10 Option Conversion Stone

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How To Redeem These Codes

1. Start Demigod Idle Game

First launch Demigod Idle on your device. This could be your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

2. Locate And Click The Menu button

In the game interface, find the Menu button. It’s represented by three horizontal lines or a gear icon and is situated on the upper right-hand side of the screen. Clicking on it will unveil a menu with various options.

3. Select The Settings Option From The Menu

Once the Menu is open, select the Settings option. This will take you to the settings menu where you can adjust various game settings.

4. Click On The Super Rewards Tab

Within the Settings menu, there is a tab labeled ‘Super Rewards’. Click on this tab to access the section where you can redeem codes and claim rewards.

5. The game’s Super Rewards Site Will Open

Clicking on the Super Rewards tab will open the game’s Super Rewards site within the game interface. This site is where you can enter coupon codes and claim rewards.

6. Enter The Coupon Code

On the Super Rewards site, you’ll see a text box labeled ‘Please enter the coupon code!’. This is where you should type or paste the coupon code you want to redeem.

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7. Click On The ‘Confirm code’ Button

After entering the coupon code, click on the ‘Confirm code’ button to verify the code you’ve entered and apply any associated rewards or benefits to your account within the game.

8. Return To The Game Interface

To return to the game interface, click on the Mail button, usually located on the upper right-hand side of the screen.

9. Click The ‘Receive All’ button

Within the Mail section of the game interface, locate and click on the ‘Receive All’ button to ensure that any rewards associated with the redeemed code are added to your in-game inventory.

Best Places To Obtain Demigod Idle Coupon Codes

The primary source for obtaining more Demigod Idle codes is through official channels maintained by the game developer, SuperPlanet. You can find these codes through various social media platforms.

● Facebook Page:

SuperPlanet maintains an official Facebook page under the username @Superplanetgames. You can stay updated on the latest news, announcements, and events related to Demigod Idle, by following this page. Occasionally, the developer may also share redeemable codes or promotions exclusively on this platform.

● Twitter Account

Following SuperPlanet on Twitter, with the handle @PlaySuperPlanet, provides another avenue for accessing Demigod Idle codes. The developer shares codes or announcements regarding promotional events on their Twitter feed, allowing players to stay informed and potentially acquire additional in-game rewards.

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● YouTube Channel

SuperPlanet also operates an official YouTube channel titled @SuperPlanetOfficial. Subscribing to this channel lets players access video content related to Demigod Idle, including tutorials, gameplay highlights, and updates.

Additionally, the developer sometimes shares codes or conducts giveaways through YouTube videos, providing players with opportunities to obtain rewards.

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