Active Rooftop 2 Codes

Gaming is all about the fun, and redeeming Rooftop 2 codes can make your gaming experience more exciting with fantastic freebies. Rooftop 2 gift codes gave me that same advantageous delight.

These codes are packed with different In-game rewards that can enhance your gameplay. In this guide, I will share with you all the active Rooftop codes. And you will learn where you can find legitimate ones, and how to redeem them. Let’s dive In.

All Active Rooftop 2 Codes

  • 100LIKES!
  • BIG1000LIKES! 

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Where To Get The Codes?

The game developers, the masterminds behind the scenes, drop these codes on the game’s official Twitter and Discord channels. You can also keep your eagle eyes on the lookout during special occasions, like the game’s anniversaries or those times when there’s something big brewing in the game.

That’s when the developers decide to sprinkle some extra joy in the form of gift codes. It’s their way of celebrating with us players and making the gaming experience even more awesome. Twitter is the town crier of the gaming community.

The moment those gift codes are released, it’s buzzing with excitement. Discord, on the other hand, is the cozy secret place where Rooftop 2 fans gather. The devs know we’re hanging out there, so that’s another spot to keep tabs on.

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How To Redeem the Codes?

Step 1: Start The Game

Launch Rooftop 2 and find yourself on the game’s main screen. Look to the top right, and you’ll see a button with a Twitter verification checkmark.

Step 2: Access The Code Entry Point

Click on the Twitter verified button, and a menu will pop up. Within this menu, look for an option that says “Now Click on Text Area.” Clicking on this will open a text entry box, where you can input codes.

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Step 3: Enter The Codes

Take the codes you’ve gathered, and type them into the text area exactly as provided.Be sure to double-check for accuracy.

Step 4: Claim Your Rewards

Once your codes are snug in the text area, locate the arrow button nearby. Click It. Your rewards will pop up immediately in-game.

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