The Best Teams You Can Use in Loop Dungeon

This guide will help you build the most powerful team In Loop Dungeon. It’s surely a good start If you’re just starting In the game.

Loop Dungeon: Idle RPG is a mobile game where you lead a team of heroes through changing dungeons. Even when you’re not playing, your heroes keep exploring and gathering treasures.

However, strategy is key as you pick heroes, gear them up, and plan their routes. Because the dungeon changes daily, with different terrain and challenges.

Your choices shape the game, and heroes have unique abilities to upgrade. Managing equipment is required for powering up heroes. It’s about smart choices and teamwork to conquer tough foes and find legendary gear.

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See All Team Below

1. Healer Team

AshkernMain DPS source
MagnusMain Tank
FlorenceOff Tank/Magic Support
ShineOff Tank #2/Support
GrollMain Off Tank

This lineup includes Ashkern as the primary damage dealer, Magnus as the main tank, and Florence as the off-tank/magic support.

Shine functions as the secondary off-tank/support, while Groll (or a substitute like Agni) is the main off-tank. In battles, Ashkern deals damage from a distance, while Magnus absorbs hits with high resistance.

Florence contributes by reducing damage for the team, and Shine provides healing to keep everyone going strong. With this setup, you’ll notice a significant drop in damage sustained after each encounter.

Magnus and Ashkern play a key role in this team, similar to their roles in the standard lineup. Florence’s damage reduction buff applies to Magnus, Shine, Groll, or Agni if you choose to include them.

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2. Dwarf Beast Team

MagMain tank
TanyaBackline tank

Iris is the primary damage dealer, while Ashkern also contributes to dealing damage. Mag takes on the role of the main tank, while Scar acts as the off-tank, providing additional frontline presence.

Tanya supports from the backline, ensuring the safety of key damage dealers like Ashkern and protecting Mag from enemy threats.

3. Human Comp

AshkernDamage Dealer (DPS)
ShineSupport (Healer)
RinDamage Dealer (DPS)
EstelleMain Tank / Healer
HannaSupport / Damage Dealer

In the Human Comp for Loop Dungeon, Ashkern is the main damage dealer, dealing significant damage to enemies. Shine supports the team with healing abilities, ensuring their sustained health throughout battles.

Rin, another damage dealer, contributes by attacking different enemies, with her ultimate being particularly devastating if it connects.

Estelle acts as the main tank, soaking up damage while also providing supplementary healing. Hanna offers support and damage, using frost and AoE attacks to control enemies and deal substantial damage.

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