Blade Idle: How To Merge Pet Soul?

Pet Soul is the unique skills or traits that your pets contribute to your gameplay. They actively boost your in-game performance by providing extra stats.

When you team up two pets of the same level, they unleash special party effects that add an extra strategic element to your gaming strategy.

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How To Merge Pet Soul?

Merging Pet Souls in Blade Idle is a strategic move that can give your pets a substantial boost. However, only consider merging when your pet has reached the 6-star level.

You need to hold off until your pet is at its prime. Saving these Pet Souls is the building block for upgrading your pets. Before merging, make sure you’ve used these souls to beef up your pet’s stats and capabilities.

Strengthen the foundation first. When you’re finally ready to merge, bring together the best of the best. The 6-star pet is perfect and it’s the one whose soul you’re merging.

Blade Idle: Pet Combination

1. Goblin and Crab

If you’re aiming to level up like a pro, consider going for the Goblin/Crab combo. Their 40% EXP Gain can give your character a serious boost. The Goblin lets you roll the dice for both EXP and Gold, delivering some crazy bonuses to Improve your progress.

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2. Pig and Giant Pig

In Blade Idle, pairing up the Pig and Giant Pig as your starting pets is a smart move. These pets bring in some sweet bonuses when they’re at the same level.

The Pig hooks you up with a 14% boost in Gold, while the Giant Pig gets in an extra 14% in EXP. They’re always working together to get you the good stuff.

However, to milk these bonuses for all they’re worth, you’ve got to keep both the Pig and the Giant Pig at the same level. It’s about maintaining that perfect balance, not playing favorites.

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3. Bat, Ant, and Poison Mushroom

In the early stages of Blade Idle, the combo of Bat, Ant, and Poison Mushroom may not sound like much, but trust me, they’ve got their perks.

When you’re out there pushing through stages, dungeons, or leveling up your hero, these three pets can lend a helping paw. They can get the job done when you need it most.

4. Bee and Giant Bee

Combining a Bee with its larger counterpart, the Giant Bee, forms a powerhouse farming duo that can amp up your game.

When you pair these two, you get a 20% bonus on experience points (Exp Bonus). It’s a tag team that boosts your leveling and gold farming, especially in the early stages of the game. However, for this duo to work its best, ensure both the Bee and Giant Bee have the same star grade.

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