Brawl Stars Tier List: Best Brawlers

This guide provides a list of the best brawlers In Brawl Stars In 2024. Brawl Stars is a game where you play in teams of three, having intense battles. You get to pick your fighter from a bunch of characters called Brawlers.

However, each Brawler has its special abilities that work well in certain game situations. And the brawlers that I’m going to share with you are In the S-Tier list. They are the most powerful brawlers In the game. Let’s dive Into the list.

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Brawl Stars Tier List

1. Fang

Fang is one of the best brawlers in Brawl Stars, and It belongs to the S-Tier list. This guy is a tank with a punch, he is highly healthy, and his damage packs a raining blow, check. And to top it off, he’s as speedy as they come.

Fang doesn’t mess around; he’s your damage dealer extraordinaire. Sure, his range may not win any awards, but that beefy attack makes up for it. Fang’s utility game is strong which makes him a no-brainer choice.

2. Squeak

Squeak is the stopper in Brawl Stars, one of the top brawlers In the game. If you need to block opponents from barging into key spots, Squeak is your guy. You control the turf with him, almost like turning him into a tank.

However, his damage isn’t breaking any records, but here’s the trick, the control. In game modes like Heist and Siege, Squeak Impresses. He’s strategic, holding the fort and keeping opponents at bay.

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3. Bonnie

Bonnie is the all-around superstar of Brawl Stars. This gal acing them. From speed to damage, health to versatility, Bonnie is the real deal. Showdown becomes her playground, but truth be told, she’s a force to be reckoned with in any mode.

Bonnie’s like that friend who’s always got your back; you know you can rely on her. Her skills shine brightest in the thick of the action, making her a nightmare for opponents. So, when you’re thinking of the best brawlers, put Bonnie at the top of your list. She’s not just good; she’s great.

4. Leon

Leon is one of the top brawlers when It comes to damage dealing. This brawler may seem tricky at first, but trust me, once you crack the code, it’s pure brilliance. Four blades slicing through the air with every attack.

Short-range, long-range, Leon’s got it down to an art form. What makes him a real ninja is the Smoke Bomb move. Escaping Is easy, and ambushing is Like a walk in the park. Also, sneaky moves are his specialty. Once you unlock this S-tier unit, the benefits just cruise in.

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