The Best Factions To Leverage in Call of Dragons

This post is intended for those who are new to the game Call of Dragons and are still deciding which faction is the best option. Selecting a faction that works for everyone is a complex process because each of them has pros and cons of its own.

Your choice of faction will be influenced by your in-game objectives, such as whether you want to battle, advance more quickly, gather more resources, etc. Read on to find out the best factions in Call of Dragons.

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Overview of Call of Dragons’ Best Factions

In Call of Dragons, every faction has a unique beginning hero. Each of these beginning heroes will receive special prizes from the significant quests.

We will discuss each of the starting heroes in this section so you may choose the faction call of dragons that is right for you.

Three factions are available for players to select from in Call of Dragons: Wilderburg, League of Order, and Springwardens. Each of these factions has specific units, bonuses, and special powers.

1. Springwardens

The elven faction is called the Springwardens, and its founding hero is First of all, Gwanwyn. Gwanwyn also has the Marksmen tree, which is good at leading archers, the Peacekeeping tree, which is excellent at fighting darklings, and more.

She is a heroic archer, and the problem with archers is that, although they deal a tremendous amount of damage and are like glass cannons, they are incredibly vulnerable and require a lot of protection when engaged in combat.

The archers are a medium-ranged unit type of troop. Then, the melee-attacking Ironbark Treants, who are infantry. Next in line are the magic unit-type Longleaf treants.

These can assault targets at a great distance. Elk riders are cavalry that can also perform melee attacks; work elk are transport unit types utilized for resource gathering.

The unique unit type for Springwardens is Forest Eagles; they are flying, melee-attacking units with a cavalry classification. The Springwardens have a faction boost of March Speed +5% and Heal Speed +10%. These advantages let your troops move and heal more quickly, which can be helpful in open-field engagements.

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2. The League of Order

Waldyr is your starting hero in League of Orders. He has access to the skill tree, which boosts the potency of his anger skills, and the PvP tree, one of my favorites and valuable for attacking other players on the field. And the magic tree, which is beneficial for magic troops.

Magical heroes like Waldyr have a vital AOE primary skill. Magical units work well in long-range combat. They have been most frequently utilized in all the battles we have fought thus far.

Because of the way barricades operate, melee foes that attempt to cross a line are typically slain by magic troops before they can approach near enough to launch an attack.

The only drawback to them is their extreme slowness, which means that if you push them too far, they will quickly tire you out. Vestals, the magic unit type, are the troop types. These can assault targets at a great distance.

Next are swordsmen, who are melee fighters and classified as infantry. Ballistas, a medium attack ranged unit classified as archers, come next.

The melee-attacking knight cavalry forces follow the resource-gathering workhorse troops. Celestials are a unique kind of unit used in the League of Order. They are classified as magic unit types and are flying units with an extensive strike range.

The League of Order has two faction bonuses: overall gather speed of 10% and Legion Magic Defense of +3%. It’s excellent to have the +3% DEF for magic units because they’re meta right now.

Additionally, a 10% gathering speed will help develop, study, and train military personnel. The game’s primary features all demand resources, particularly in the beginning.

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3. Wilderburg

Bakhar serves as the initial hero for the Wilderburg side. He has access to the skill tree, which boosts the potency of his fury skills, the infantry tree, which is helpful for infantry forces, and the garrison tree, which is excellent for garrisoning towns and keeps.

Bakhar is a hero of the infantry who also garrisons. It has some utility there, given there aren’t many garrison heroes at the time.

Infantry units are highly resilient and can deal more damage thanks to their anger skill and skill tree. However, that is the problem with infantry; they are meant to deal minor damage.

The different unit kinds are as follows: axemen are infantry with a melee attack; spearmen are classified as archers and are a medium attack ranged unit; and finally, satyr mages are the magic unit type.

These can assault targets at a great distance. Workrhinos, resource-gathering transport vehicles Wolfriders, are mounted warriors with a melee weapon.

Given that you have advanced your towns and technology and genuinely desire the increased march and healing speeds for open-field combat, you should relocate to Springwardens in a later game.

Later on, when coalitions clash, Wilderburg may also be employed. He can decimate enemy land far more quickly, thanks to his additional destruction damage bonuses. Additionally, he gains some usefulness there as you get stronger and are placed in more garrison scenarios.

Final Words

As a whole, the finest faction Selecting the faction that players most enjoy playing in Call of Dragons is a question of personal preference. On the other hand, players can overcome obstacles and accomplish their objectives in the game by switching to a different side at the appropriate moment.

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