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An online role-playing game called Ever Legion has become extremely popular among gamers. Players like you get to go on an exciting, challenging, and potentially rewarding quest in this land where fantasy and adventure meet.

You will assume the role of a hero in Ever Legion, someone who can influence the game. Ever Legion’s captivating gameplay has kept it evolving and captivating gamers. The game’s developers have been working hard to provide new features and improvements to make playing more engaging.

Nothing is a better location to learn how to defeat every enemy in your path and make speedy progress than our Ever Legion guide. To assist you in making the most excellent choices, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide that includes all the advice we’ve learned. Read on to find out more!

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About The Game

This is the tale of Nevria’s heroes. As the army of “Deathless” expanded the horrors over Nevria, tensions and mistrust between humans, orcs, and elves grew. You set out on an adventure to save your family from becoming zombies. But as your journey continues, you understand that thousands of “Deathless” are only pawns in the Necromancer Balor’s hands.

As the story goes on, you’ll be able to call forth fantastic hero combinations from every race and religion to put together your team, battle formidable foes, and discover yet another evil force hiding in plain sight.

Guide To Ever Legion

This article offers a walkthrough for Ever Legion in 2023, complete with advice on how to play the game to the fullest. We’ve got you covered if this is your first time playing the game or if you want to brush up real quick.

1. Tip for Summoning

Set these heroes as your wishlist, and always do a 10x summon for a lower cost to maximize your diamond summoning. Prioritize acquiring Lyca since she is a flexible hero who can be used on any squad. Use your choice cards and faction scrolls on Graveborn heroes.

2. Leveling Up Ascension Guide

To avoid level limitations on heroes in the Ascended Tier, prioritize rising fodder heroes to the Legendary tier before reaching level 160. Before moving up to Legendary, always make sure you have adequate copies. Focus on developing four-skill heroes after level 160, and make sure your squad has one or two heroes from each faction.

Carry heroes initially, Daimon being the most robust carry during your initial ascensions.

3. Priorities For Gear

Prioritize Boots for movement speed and dodging over Weapon for attack rating and accuracy when choosing Mythic Gear. In terms of defensive stats, Chest outperforms Hat. As with Mythic Gear, give TI improvements the same priority. Prioritize Weapon improvements over Boots, Chest, and Hat upgrades for T2.

Get the most critical gear first: upgrade your Weapon and boots before getting a cap or Chest. Steer clear of legendary gear purchases as they quickly become outdated. Buy faction gear only once most heroes have it, and you want to use a specific faction bonus (with a 30% discount).

Team Compositions of Ever Legion

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4. Prioritize Tier List Heroes.

Making wise decisions with your heroes can significantly impact Ever Legion. Suppose you’re assembling a superhero team and want the greatest to be a part of it. In that case, you should concentrate on Tier List Heroes.

These heroes resemble the game’s MVPs. They have unique abilities that can help you win, particularly during the challenging portions of the game. Additionally, when you level them up, they are solid. They can support you in overcoming the most difficult obstacles in the game.

S+ Tier Heroes should be your top priority if you’re trying to assemble the strongest squad in Ever Legion and want to ensure you have the best heroes available.

The elite superheroes that can propel you forward are known as S+ Tier Heroes. Sorting these heroes is an investment in the future.

5. Characters Accessories

The clothing your heroes wear can significantly impact how they prepare for a difficult battle. Consider your equipment to be your hero’s armor. To win, your characters require the proper tools, much as Batman needs his gadgets, and Spider-Man needs his web shooters.

Your hero gets more robust with more excellent equipment. But some equipment is standard, and others are not. The rarer, the better. High-rarity equipment gives your hero a significant power boost. However, every hero has unique abilities, such as fire or water.

Your hero gains even greater strength when the gear’s attributes match theirs. Pro Tip: Heroes from the same faction can benefit from boosts on some tools. It’s similar to going on a mission with your closest friends: you work better together. For added impact, equip a hero from the same faction as your equipment if you have one.

6. Finish The Daily Missions

You can win a bag full of goodies every day, and you would want to take advantage of these chances as they could serve as your winning ticket. Every day, when you check into Ever Legion, there are a few tasks to complete. These are your daily tasks, which resemble your daily to-do list. The daily quests are a treasure trove. On Halloween, they distribute valuables like sweets.

Gold, experience points, and other goods are available to help you advance the game and enhance your heroes. However, there is a daily cap on the number of entries for these daily tasks. It resembles a theme park with limited-access rides available many times a day.

Therefore, you want to make sure to take all the entries because they are all valuable. The problem is that every resource, experience point, and gold piece will become apparent as you play Ever Legion.

7. Improve Several Teams

These are the winning tactics that 2023 is the time to aim for. There are three wholly updated squads in your Ever Legion quest. A lone hero is fantastic, but three together are much more powerful. You have 15 heroes prepared to take on any challenge the game presents if you have three wholly upgraded teams.

8. Resource Allocation

Your in-game currency is these diamonds, comparable to the rarest treasure you may discover. Instead of just using them wherever they are most useful, you should put them to use. But when it comes to Diamond spending, the best practice is to use them primarily for leveling up new heroes. Heroes are your warriors, your champions in Ever Legion.

Your squad gets stronger the more heroes you have. You are building up your army of victorious people as you use Diamonds to call forth new heroes. Save money on unneeded other content. Heroes should always come first, even though the game offers enticing deals and stuff to purchase with Diamonds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ever legion

1. In Ever Legion, How Do I Get More Soul Stones?

You must first realize that soul stones are required to unlock additional skills in the game. But you may get it by finishing the main plot missions, participating in daily activities and challenges, and buying them from the store.

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2. How Can Heroes In Ever Legion Be Upgraded?

Hero Fragments, Hero EXP, and Gold are just a few elements that can upgrade heroes. Completing main plot objectives and participating in daily events and challenges will give you access to these materials.

3. In Ever Legion, How Can I Obtain More Diamonds?

In Ever Legion, diamonds are the exclusive money that can be used to purchase a wide range of goods, including equipment and summoning scrolls. It’s easy to obtain extra diamonds by finishing tasks, participating in activities, and paying real money.

Final Words

The strategies listed here are essential if you are new to Ever Legion and want to improve your gaming experience.

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