Frankies Funhouse Codes

Frankie’s Funhouse is the newest horror Roblox game released less than a few months ago. Playing it, you will find against the players in the specific arena using only knives, which are the foremost thing in Frankie’s Funhouse. Frankie’s Funhouse codes can be a great way to get free coins and other rewards in the game.

Frankie’s Funhouse is an experience on the Roblox platform. It’s a social game where you compete with a bunch of other players to try and survive until the end of the round, though some twisted games Frankie has devised for you.

Frankies Funhouse Codes

  • CLOUDY – 75 tickets
  • RELEASE – 250 tickets 

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How to redeem the codes

  • Click the Twitter icon at the bottom right
  • In the new window, select the text field at the top
  • Enter a working code
  • Press ‘Submit’ to redeem your rewards

How to use the codes to enhance your gaming experience

With this codes you’re well on your way to collecting more coins and unlocking new items in Frankie’s Funhouse. With Frankie’s Funhouse codes, you can add a little variety to the Roblox game and show off with knife cosmetics. The game is a survival experience about fighting to be the last contestant in a carnival show.

While the codes won’t make surviving the night easier, they do let you survive in style.Grab all the active Roblox Frankie’s Funhouse codes right here!

You can use these codes to earn freebies such as Cash, Coins, Boost, and other rewards. Further down the page, we also explain how to redeem Frankie’s Funhouse codes easily.

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About the game

Frankie’s Funhouse is a Roblox game where you can take part in a deadly game alongside a bunch of other players to appease Frankie The Ringmaster. You may work together with others as your number dwindles down, but only one of you is going to survive until the end of the round.

Published by “Double Bandit Studios“, Frankie’s Funhouse is a horror-themed game on the popular gaming platform Roblox in which players compete to be the sole survivor while earning rewards. As you continue to advance, you will be able to collect tickets to spend on magical weapons and other survival accessories.

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