9 Exciting Games Like Rise Of Kingdoms

Are you trying to find Rise of Kingdoms-like games for your Android, iPhone, or iPad? You are in the right place. LilithGames offers a free-to-play online multiplayer strategy game called Rise of Kingdoms.

In this game, players build their kingdoms, appoint commanders from various nations, and engage in combat to take control of different global regions. It stands out from other games in its genre with its vibrant graphics and incredible big battles.

Real-time combat will take place in the game, with players able to enter and exit the battlefield, conduct counterattacks, and deploy many soldiers in an attempt to win. In addition to interacting with NPCs, the player can select the most effective fighting squad from various commanders and generals and command soldiers at any time to alter the battle plan.

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Rivers, mountain ranges, and key passes are included on the maps to provide navigational cues. Prepare to explore all these mysterious experiences as the player travels through diverse caves, tribal communities, barbarian forts, and lost temples. The virtual money the player gains from winning battles and treasure boxes he finds in the game can be used to enhance the captured kingdom.

To become the King of the World, improve the capabilities and skills of your Commander. Real-time combat, exploration, a unique republic, strategy methodology, and a seamless world map are all game characteristics. To see other similar games to Rise of Kingdoms, keep on reading.

Top 9 Games For Rise Of Kingdoms Lovers

Here is our selection of the top  Rise of Kingdoms-like games that can be downloaded for free from app stores on Android and iOS devices:

1. Forge Of Empires

Forge Of Empires

In the strategy city simulation game Forge of Empires, you build an empire that spans millennia, from ancient civilizations to medieval kingdoms to the future. Similar to how ROK transforms your hamlet into a city before converting it into a megacity. Explore new lands and efficiently construct homes in your architectural style.

Engage in multiplayer PVP combat to receive incredible rewards and prizes.

2. Top War

Top War

Similar to Rise of Kingdoms, Top War is a creative strategy game where the objective is to advance and become the strongest Commander. To make the army units of the Land, Air Force, and Navy unbeatable, enlist and enhance heroes with unique abilities.

You can also select from various classes in the game, including great scientists, renowned artisans, tactical masters, and grand marshals. You may play online fights with gamers from all around the world in several different battle modes.

3. DomiNations


In DomiNations, you can construct one of the most magnificent civilizations and create a military plan to subjugate adversaries. Create an army, pit your might against other players in a player-versus-player (PVP) battle, or establish coalitions to take over the globe jointly.

Select historical civilizations with particular strengths to assist you in creating one-of-a-kind units. Ally and use your special fighting style to take over the planet.

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4. City Of Crime

City Of Crime

Although they are from different gaming genres and provide different experiences, City of Crime: Gang Wars and Rise of Kingdoms have similarities that may interest Rise of Kingdoms players. You use strategy to create alliances, plan military operations, and grow your civilization in Rise of Kingdoms and The City of Crime: Gang Wars.

Making judgments on which crimes to commit, how to manage resources, and how to deal with other gangs are just a few of the decisions that will affect your criminal empire. With the multiplayer gameplay in Rise of Kingdoms, you can team up with other players and engage in competition.

Similarly, you can interact with other virtual criminals in a shared game world by playing City of Crime: Gang Wars in multiplayer mode.

On the other hand, you can participate in player-versus-player (PvP) combat in Rise of Kingdoms and fight for supremacy on the global map, and in the City of Crime: Gang Wars, you can engage in a variety of illegal activities and conflicts with other players and opposing gangs.

But the main focus of The Rise of Kingdoms is creating and overseeing your empire or kingdom. Your primary goals will be establishing and growing your criminal empire, which entails seizing power, acquiring riches, and dominating territory.

In addition, Rise of Kingdoms features a variety of gameplay options, such as resource management, city construction, and battle. In addition, City of Crime: Gang Wars offers a variety of game modes, each with unique goals and difficulties, making for exciting and varied gameplay experiences.

5. Chronicle Of Infinity

Chronicle Of Infinity

Chronicle of Infinity shares a similar vibe with those who enjoy the vast adventures and valiant fights of Rise of Kingdoms. You’ll be thrust squarely into the center of a titanic struggle between the Astral Alliance and the Obsidian Alliance in this multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

Chronicle of Infinity asks you to create a strong hero, just like Rise of Kingdoms does, except instead of commanding a kingdom, you’re a strong individual. Furthermore, it is your task to fight other players in intense matches who are all vying for the same victory.

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6. Wolf Game

Wolf Game

Wolf Game: Wild Animal Wars is an incredible game that allows you to join forces with wolves and combat other wolf packs in the untamed wilderness. You construct, oversee, and protect your kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms, the same as in Wolf Game, where you play as an Alpha wolf.

Your main goal is to lead and shepherd your group to survival while exploring the immense wilderness, hunting for supplies, taking on daring tasks, and seeking revenge on other wolf groups. In this game, you embark on an adventure through a harsh, primordial world where only the strongest will make it.

7. Ace Shooter

Ace Shooter

Instead of creating a kingdom or managing resources as you would in Rise of Kingdoms, Warpath: Ace Shooter will have you honing your strategic abilities across more than a hundred battlefield missions.

You’ll go to different locations for these missions, both on land and in the air, and to succeed, you’ll need to employ cunning strategies and make essential choices.



Bringing the legendary Total War series to your fingertips, Total War: Medieval II combines intricate turn-based tactics with enormous real-time battles. You must establish and govern a civilization in the Rise of Kingdoms by building cities and waging wars.

Conversely, Total War: MEDIEVAL II whisks you back to the chaotic Middle Ages, where you must navigate the intricate web of medieval combat and politics.

Nonetheless, both games strongly focus on making strategic decisions and engaging in courageous battles. You’ll have to carefully consider your movements, build alliances, and fight battles that will determine the path of history in both games.

For those looking for a game comparable to Rise of Kingdoms, top War: MEDIEVAL II is an excellent option because of its massive conflicts and the competition for dominance among medieval countries.

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9. Princess Connect: Re:dive

Princess Connect

Even though it is not a direct sequel to Rise of Kingdoms, it is nevertheless a compelling option for fans of the same kind of game because it has several significant similarities. Queen Connect! In the real-time action role-playing game Re: Dive, you can assemble a group of up to five characters and set out on thrilling adventures.

Participating in significant quests and player-versus-player (PvP) arena modes is part of this experience. Nonetheless, party formation strategy is essential to winning in both games.

Princess Connect! is similar to Rise of Kingdoms in that it allows you to assemble and manage a diverse set of commanders and soldiers. In Re: Dive, you’ll create a group of heroes, each with special powers, to complete missions and engage in combat in an arena.

Final Words

The game listed above would keep you glued to your screens just like the Rise of Kingdoms game. Go through the list and make your choice, enjoy!

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