Grim Dawn Tier List

With about 36 mastery combinations available, choosing the right path on Grim Dawn feels as confusing as facing a Behemoth at a low level. However, things can get smoother with a tier list designed to show the strengths and weaknesses of each mastery combo.

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Breakdown of All The List

1. A-Tier

  • Arcanister: Can rain down fire and brimstone from afar, bringing devastating ranged fire spells and powerful explosives.
  • Shaman: Brings physical damage, and potent area-of-effect attacks.
  • Nightblade: Dances through the shadows and dishes out deadly poisons, cunning debuffs, and potent single-target damage.

2. B-Tier

  • Commando: Leads the charge with physical might and elemental fury, two-handed weapons, and buffs for allies.
  • Demolitionist: Combines explosives and chaos magic, fire and aether damage, pet companions, and a mix of offensive and defensive skills.
  • Oathkeeper: Has the power of light and arcane magic, dealing damage and utilizing potent defensive and offensive skills.

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3. C-Tier

  • Occultist: With this you can summon pets, utilizing damage impact, debuffs, and minion-boosting skills.
  • Soldier: Can combine martial prowess with deadly finesse, has a one-handed weapon, physical damage, and cunning debuffs.
  • Necromancer: Brings you pet companions, and a mix of offensive and defensive skills. Best for players who enjoy a mix of damage and utility.

4. S-Tier

  • Inquisitor: Possesses fury, physical retaliation, and crowd control like a pro. Perfect for beginners and veterans.
  • Arcanister: Unleashes devastating lightning storms, vitality-fueled regeneration, and pet-summoning power.
  • Death Knight: Embrace the dark arts and command an army of the undead, a bone-chilling cold damage, potent debuffs, and even minion-boosting skills.

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Final Thoughts

To stack up the mastery points, you’ll have to choose your path and conquer the grim dawn. You can start nicely by discovering the mastery combo that works well with your playstyle and brings out your inner monster-slaying legend. Then use that formation in your outings and see how the tide moves in your favor.

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