Hero Wars Best Heroes Tier List

This post provides some of the best heroes in Hero Wars in 2023. Hero Wars is an online fantasy game where you get to battle evil guys like the Archdemon and his evil army.

While you’re at it, you can also gather some amazing heroes. You can make them stronger, teach them new skills, build up your army, and even create a guild.

In all, you need the best heroes to level up your experience. However, In this hero wars tier list, you will learn about the characters that are best for your adventure and the ones you shouldn’t invest in.

Let’s get to it.

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Hero Wars Tier List – A Heroes

These A-tier heroes have different abilities and strengths that can help on the battlefield.

However, when crafting your Hero Wars dream team in 2023, consider the roles you need and the playstyle that suits you best.

1. Brustar

Brustar is your go-to hero for dishing out massive damage.

2. Julius

Julius, the guardian of secrets, impresses at controlling the flow of battle. He can silence enemies and protect your team.

3. Fafnir

Fafnir’s fiery breath and tough scales make him a formidable tank. He can soak up damage and protect your team from harm.

4. Jhu

Jhu is good at shooting enemies from a distance, and his exact shots and critical hits are a menace to opponents.

5. Luther

Luther wields his ghostly blades with skills. He’s an agile hero who is so good at taking down single targets.

6. Lilith

Lilith’s curses are a nightmare for her enemies as she can disrupt enemy plans.

7. Thea

Thea can be your trusted healer, with the power to mend wounds and revive fallen allies.

8. Maya

Maya’s ability to summon powerful opponents makes her a unique addition to your team.

9. Markus

Markus is a support hero with tricks. He can also provide shields, speed boosts, and crowd control to aid your team.

10. Keira

Keira is known for her deadly strikes and agility, and she’s a high-damage hero who can take out enemies easily.

11. Andvari

Andvari is a versatile hero who can shield allies and disrupt enemy attacks. He’s a great addition for both defense and offense.

12. Orion

Orion is also good at long-range attacks and dealing with AoE (area of effect) damage. He can clear groups of enemies with his powerful arrows.

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Hero Wars Tier List – B Heroes

These heroes might not be in the top tier, but they have their special skills that can change the outcome of the battle.

1. Peppy

Peppy is a speedy hero who can play havoc with enemies.

2. Sebastian

Sebastian is your go-to support hero as he can boost your team’s speed and energy regeneration, helping your heroes unleash their abilities faster.

3. Jet

Jet is a sharpshooter who can deal massive damage from a distance.

4. Rufus

Rufus is a tank hero with a unique twist. He can transform into a werewolf, gaining extra strength and resilience in battle.

5. Corvus

Corvus is good at dealing with AoE (area of effect) damage and controlling the battlefield with his dark magic.

6. Helios

Helios can provide guards, healing, and crowd control to protect your team.

7. Fox

Fox also eliminated key targets with her deadly strikes.

8. Artemis

Artemis is good at ranged attacks and can call a loyal wolf companion to aid her in battle.

9. Lian

Lian can slow down enemies and manipulate the battleground to your advantage.

10. Tristan

Tristan is a tank hero with a protective shield that can absorb damage and protect your team from harm.

11. Isaac

Isaac can boost your team’s energy and enhance their performance. While these B-tier heroes may not be the top picks in Hero Wars, they can still make a significant impact on your team’s success.

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Hero Wars Tier List – C Heroes

Even the C-tier heroes have something special to offer in 2023, though they are far from the best.

1. Arachne

Arachne is a crafty assassin who can poison and paralyze her enemies with her spider-like abilities.

2. Dark Star

Dark Star can also deal significant AoE (area of effect) damage.

3. Kai

Kai is a marksman hero with impressive critical hit capabilities. He’s great at targeting high-priority enemies from a distance.

4. Ginger

Ginger can heal allies.

5. Ishmael

Ishmael is a warrior who can unleash powerful blows, knock back enemies, and derange their plans.

6. Morrigan

Morrigan is brilliant at dealing with both single-target and AoE damage.

7. Iris

Iris can resurrect fallen allies, giving your team a second chance when things get tough.

8. Avalon

Avalon can taunt enemies and absorb damage. In Hero Wars, strategy and synergy among your heroes can often outweigh individual hero rankings. Experiment with different combinations and discover how these heroes can complement your playstyle.

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Hero Wars Tier List – S Heroes

The S-tier heroes are the best In hero wars, they are the ones you want on your side when you’re facing the toughest challenges.

1. Solaris

Solaris can revive fallen allies and create a closed shield to protect your team.

2. Aidan

Aidan is a fearsome damage dealer who can summon powerful spirits to aid him in battle.

3. Kayla

Kayla is a versatile hero who can heal, revive, and boost the damage of your team.

4. Aurora

Aurora can freeze enemies and deal devastating AoE damage.

5. Martha

Martha is an outstanding healer who can cleanse debuffs and provide constant healing to keep your team healthy.

6. Jorgen

Jorgen can boost your team’s energy regeneration.

7. Astaroth

Astaroth is a tank hero with an incredible ability to protect your team with his shield.

8. Ziri

Ziri is also a tank hero who can transform into a stone form, rendering her to body damage and protecting your team.

9. K’arkh + Faceless

K’arkh is a high-damage hero, and when paired with Faceless, they become a formidable duo that can tear through enemy lines. Astaroth often pairs with them as a tank.

10. Lars + Krista (Twins)

Lars and Krista are a dynamic duo, and their synergy in battle is exceptional.


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