How Many Acts Are There in Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 is the highly anticipated sequel to one of the most popular action role-playing games of all time.

Brought back 60 years after the events of Diablo 3, the game takes players back to the world of Sanctuary, which is once again on the brink of destruction.

Diablo 4 promises to be a dark and epic adventure, with a vast open world to explore, five unique character classes to choose from, and a deep endgame that will keep players coming back for more.

But how many acts are there in Diablo 4? This is the topic of this article, and we are set to give you a soothing answer.

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List of all the Acts in Diablo 4

There are six acts in Diablo 4, along with a prologue and an epilogue. Each act takes place in a different region of Sanctuary and features its own unique story, quests, and monsters.

  • Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith
  • Act 2: The Knife Twists Again
  • Act 3: The Making of Monsters
  • Act 4: A Gathering Storm
  • Act 5: Secrets Bartered, Fates Sold
  • Act 6: Dance of the Makers

Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith

Act 1 takes place in the snow-capped mountains of Scosglen. The assignment here is to help the people of Scosglen defend themselves from the forces of Lilith and learn more about the threat that she poses to Sanctuary.

Act 2: The Knife Twists Again

All the actions in this act happen in the arid deserts of Kehjistan. Herein, a player will investigate a mysterious cult that is worshipping Lilith, and discover the secrets of the ancient city of Rakkis.

Act 3: The Making of Monsters

The lush forests of Haedrig’s Realm house all the actions in this act. The task is to learn more about the origins of the Nephalem and the Primes and battle the monstrous creations of Lilith’s army.

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Act 4: A Gathering Storm

This act happened in the bustling city of Kyovashad. In this act, players are meant to rally the forces of Sanctuary against Lilith and prepare for the final battle.

Act 5: Secrets Bartered, Fates Sold

The frozen wastes of the Dry Steppes take care of this act. Herein, they also need to uncover the truth about Lilith’s plans for Sanctuary and make a choice that will determine the fate of the world.

Act 6: Dance of the Makers

This happens to be the final act of Diablo 4 and features an epic battle against Lilith herself. Players will need to use all of their skills and abilities to defeat Lilith and save Sanctuary.

How Long is Each Act in Diablo 4?

The length of each act in Diablo 4 will vary depending on your play style and how much side content you do. However, each act is expected to take around 2-3 hours to complete on average.

Can I Play the Acts in Diablo 4 in Any Order?

No, you must complete the acts in Diablo 4 in order. But, you can choose which act to start with once you have completed the prologue.

What is the Endgame in Diablo 4?

The endgame in Diablo 4 is still under development, but it is expected to include activities such as dungeons, raids, and PvP.

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Final Thoughts

Diablo 4 is a massive game with a lot to offer players. With six acts to complete, a vast open world to explore, and a deep endgame, there is something for everyone in this game.

Whether you are a longtime fan of the series or a newcomer to the genre, Diablo 4 is sure to provide you with hours of entertainment.

If you’re looking for an action-filled sequel with a good number of acts that will keep you going and grossly entertained, think about Diablo 4.

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