How To Change Email In Xbox Account

Changing an Xbox account’s email address is simpler than you would think. There are numerous good reasons for you to do this. You could no longer want to use the email address you’re presently using because it’s getting too flooded with spam, or you may have changed your mind.

Additionally, you might discover that your email address has been compromised or that you simply no longer have access to it. But remember that any adjustments you make will have a broader impact.

You update your Microsoft account when you do this, not simply your Xbox account’s email address. Anyone who uses an Outlook, Live, or Hotmail account is likewise cautioned. Those are covered below as soon as we get to that particular phase.

So, let’s explore how to modify an Xbox account’s email address.

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Steps To change An Xbox Account’s Email

  • Open a browser and navigate to Click Sign In.
  • After entering your Xbox-related Microsoft account login information, click Sign in.
  • At The Top Of The Account page, Click Your Info.
  • Locate The Account Info Box And Select Edit Account Info.
  • Click Add Email Address To Add A New Account Alias.
  • Add an existing email address or make a new one.
  • Click Add alias if you’re satisfied that these should be your new account log in details.
  • Next To The Newly Inserted Email Address, Click Make Primary.

Your Xbox account’s email address has now been effectively changed. If you want to completely and permanently delete the email address from your account, there is one more action you may take. For instance, if the email account is compromised, this would be helpful.

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The previous address will be deleted from your Microsoft account. But proceed with caution: Remove deletes the email address from Microsoft’s computers, meaning you won’t be able to use it again if the email address ends in,, or

Frequently Asked Questions About An Xbox Account’s Email

1. How Many Xbox Ones Can I Use With The Same Microsoft Account?

You can use the same Microsoft account on numerous Xbox Ones in response. However, using the same email address on each console is crucial if you’re logging in to numerous consoles with the same account. Before logging in to the other consoles, update the email address linked to your account if necessary.

2. Can My Xbox Live Gamertag Be Changed?

You can alter your Xbox Live Gamertag; that much is true. You’ll need to log in to the Xbox website to accomplish this. Once you’re signed in, you can select your profile name from the top-right corner of the screen. You may then click Change Gamertag to select a new Gamertag from that point on. To select a new profile photo, select Change gamer pic.

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3. How Can I Modify My Xbox One profile?

You may check in to your Xbox One console to change your Xbox One profile. You can choose your profile name from the top-right corner of the page once you’ve signed in. You can then choose My Profile to edit your name, gamer pic, bio, and other details.

4. How Can I Connect My Xbox Live Account To Another Microsoft Account?

You must log into your Xbox One console to link your Xbox Live account to another Microsoft account. You can choose your profile name from the top-right corner of the page once you’ve signed in. You can choose My profile > Sign in, switch, or create > Sign in with a different Microsoft account from that menu.

After that, you may link your Xbox Live account to the new account by entering the details for the new Microsoft account.

5. How Can I Delete My Microsoft Account From My Xbox Live Account?

You must sign in to your Xbox One device to delete your Xbox Live account from your Microsoft account. You can choose your profile name from the top-right corner of the page once you’ve signed in. You can choose My profile > Sign in, switch, or create > Unlink this account from the menu.

After that, you can delete your Xbox Live account from the account by entering your Microsoft account credentials.

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To sum up, changing your Xbox account’s email may seem like a difficult task, but if you follow the instructions in this article, you’ll realize that it’s not that difficult. It is an easy process that requires personal verification to guarantee the highest level of account security.

Remember That your gaming experience is tailored to your preferences, regardless of whether you want to use a more personal or professional email address. You should be able to use your Xbox console or website successfully after following these simple steps, ensuring you always maintain control over every part of your account. Have fun playing!

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