How To Escape Prison in Bitlife?

BitLife Simulator is an engrossing smartphone game rapidly becoming quite popular. The principal factor driving BitLife is its assortment of minigames. Many minigames in BitLife will keep you playing for a long time.

BitLife offers three different classifications of prisons: medium, high security, and low security. Notably, the layout of every dungeon is different.

In BitLife, breaking out of joint- and medium-security prisons is comparatively simple, but trying to break out of a high-security jail requires much work and planning.

You can do anything in the game, from buying a ranch to becoming a well-known YouTuber. The game includes prisons if you choose to take the wrong route and go wild committing crimes.

Regular security prisons come in minimum to medium and maximum security. Depending on the crime you commit, you will serve time in jail.

However, you will naturally want to escape because nobody enjoys being confined to one of these prisons. Jailbreaks, however, are a challenging task.

Therefore, We have compiled Bitlife’s jail maps and escape routes to spare you from jail. Including minigames is the main draw of this distinctive Life Simulator mobile game, which is growing in popularity over time. This post will teach you all you need to know about escaping any Bitlife prison or jail map in bitlife.

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Best Way To Escape From A Bitlife Prison

Here’s how to get out of jail in Bitlife:

  • Both you and another security guard are on the grid. He’ll move twice as fast as you do.
  • He will not just make two moves in any direction; instead, he will begin horizontally and proceed toward you.
  • If the guard notices you attempting to flee, they will add a few years to your sentence for trying to leave.
  • In BitLife, you must block the security guard in the maze walls so that he cannot move as freely.
  • There will be three-sided boxes in Bitlife’s jail where he can get stuck, and you can quickly get out.

How Many Riots Are Required To Free Prisoners?

Regarding riots, it’s less about how many there are and more about how many detainees players can catch. It will tell how many prisoners are required to trigger a riot at the top. This number will climb with each scream created by the player.

Players can escape from a jail map anytime, notably after a riot. Riots, however, can only occur once a year. Other convicts will likely beat them up if the player fails to initiate one.

Players assaulted by these attacks will lose health and may be charged if they run into a guard. The player could get a longer sentence if they are found trying to start a riot.

Although it’s not the most excellent way to get out of jail, players are likely looking for this method to win a particular prize.

Getting away during a combat in BitLife is purely random. Therefore, players who adopt this tactic are taking a considerable risk. However, it may be worth the effort if you want a unique title.

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Tips For Getting Out of Every Prison in Bitlife

In BitLife, getting out of jail is quite challenging, especially at first. However, here are some tips:

  • For every step you make, the guard makes two! He will only move in your direction, attempting to walk horizontally at first.
  • The fact that he constantly tries to walk horizontally initially is the most significant aspect of that! Therefore, you’ll need to take advantage of that by preventing the cop from accessing the prison’s walls. The policeman will always move horizontally first, regardless of whether he is directly below you and you move to the right or left.
  • He won’t be able to get to you if there is a wall above him later. This is the part that you will be utilizing the most if you want to do these by yourself.

Final Words

That is our how-to escape prison in the Bitlife game guide, and we hope you found all of the answers to your questions. Now it’s your chance to escape jail in Bitlife and boost your gameplay or level.

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