How To Get Bisento In Blox Fruits? (V1 & V2)

The Bisento is one of the legendary swords in Blox Fruits. There’s this upgraded version that not only gives you a bigger hit range but also has more hits and comes with a different way to swing it around, even though the names stay the same.

It’s a high-damage sword, great for smashing through groups of enemies when you’re grinding. Plus, you don’t need to be a master to handle it well.

Both moves it has can hit multiple targets at once which makes them super easy to use. In this guide, you will learn how you obtain Bisento In the game.

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Let’s dive In.

Is Bisento A Good Sword In Blox Fruits?

Bisento is a great sword in Blox Fruits. It’s legendary, and with this sword, you can take down the toughest opponents like a boss. Plus, there’s an upgrade feature where it can transform into a stronger weapon.

While it’s great for PvE (player versus environment) action, it’s not the top pick for PvP (player versus player) battles. No stunning moves in their arsenal.

Also, keep in mind that Bisento plays it grounded. If you’re below Level 700 in the game, getting your hands on the upgraded V2 version of Bisento Is going to be tough.

There’s a downside to its combo potential. It’s a bit on the poor side. In a nutshell, the Bisento sword is your go-to for taking down tough enemies in the game, but maybe not your first pick if you’re all about PvP.

Steps To Acquire Bisento In Blox Fruits

There are two ways you can obtain Bisento in Blox Fruits. First off, you can just buy it from the Master Sword Dealer chilling on one of the islands at Skylands.

This sword will cost you a whopping $1,000,000 in the game’s currency, and you need to level up to at least 250 before the dealer even considers selling it to you.

However, there are two versions of the Bisento sword. And to get the V2 of the Bisento sword, you won’t be swiping your virtual credit card. Nope, just head over to Marina Fortress and prepare to take on Greybeard.

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The best here is that you don’t have to beat him with a Bisento; any weapon will do. Just give him a good run for his money. Once you’ve conquered Greybeard, you’ll see a message pop up on your screen, something like, “Something weird has happened to your <Bisento>…”

From that point on, your Bisento will have a whole new set of moves. With that said, the Bisento sword won’t magically change Its appearance, and the names of its two moves won’t change either.

But the way those moves play out will be different. So, even though the sword stays the same on the outside and keeps its familiar name, once you’ve gone through the Greybeard battle, the moves won’t look like what you’re used to, but change is part of the gaming fun.

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