How To Get Cyborg In Blox Fruits

Are you looking for how to get Cyborg race in Blox Fruits? If yes, then continue reading to uncover the precise steps to get the Cyborg race, along with the prerequisites necessary to embark on this distinctive journey.

In Blox Fruits, races are pivotal elements influencing your capabilities, buffs, specialized combat skills, and overall stats from the commencement of your gameplay.

Among these races is the Cyborg race, a rare and sought-after breed in Blox Fruits. Compared to the standard races; Human, Shark, Angel, or Rabbit, acquiring the Cyborg race in Blox Fruits is more complex.

Nonetheless, for those seeking the best steps to acquire the Cyborg race within Blox Fruits, the journey to attaining it is Unraveled below. So, sit back and get yourself equipped with knowledge.

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Step-by-Step Guide For Acquiring Cyborg

Acquiring the Cyborg race is one of the easy, yet tricky ways to obtain races in Blox fruit. To acquire the Cyborg race, simply solve the Cyborg Puzzle, a sequence that demands a few specific steps to unlock its secrets. Follow these instructions carefully to secure this sought-after race:

1. Find the Fist of Darkness

Seek out a Fist of Darkness and activate the machine by pressing the same button used for commencing an Order raid.

This machine can often be discovered in random chests scattered across the Second Sea. Once correctly initiated, a notification will confirm the processing of your Fist of Darkness.

Alternatively, engage in battles against Sea Beasts for a higher chance of obtaining it.

2. Purchase A Microchip

Purchase a Microchip and embark on an Order raid. It’s crucial to execute these steps in order because inserting the Fist of Darkness becomes impossible if the Microchip is in your inventory.

3. Acquire the Core Brain

Extract a Core Brain from the raid and continue until you successfully acquire one. This essential item drops with a 10% chance, but you can boost your odds to 20% with an x2 drop chance boost.

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4. Core Brain Integration

With the Core Brain in your possession, click on the designated raid button used for an Order raid.

5. Purchase the Cyborg Race**

Once you’ve possessed the Fist of Darkness and the Core Brain in your inventory, click the button typically used to commence a Law raid. Seek out the invisible NPC and purchase the Cyborg Race for 2500 fragments.

Notably, while you don’t need to solve this puzzle repeatedly to switch to the Cyborg race, each transition incurs the cost of Fragments. It’s prudent to ensure your desire for this transformation before making the switch.

Advancing the Cyborg Race: V2 and V3

Cyborg Race V2:

If you’ve already unlocked the Cyborg Race, take it to the next level by evolving it to version 2.

  • Requirements: Complete the Colosseum Quest given by Bartilo in the cafe.
  • Cost: 500,000 Cash
  • V2 Races Giver: Visit the Alchemist in the Green Zone and complete the Flower Quest (identical for all races).

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Cyborg Race V3:

For those with the Cyborg Race V2, here’s how to elevate it further to version 3.

  • Requirements: Possess the V2 Race version and have successfully completed the Flamingo Quest.
  • Cost: 2,000,000 Cash
  • Cyborg V3 Quest: Present a physical Devil Fruit to Arowe. This quest can be fulfilled by purchasing a random physical Devil Fruit from the Blox Fruit Cousin (if not on cooldown), finding one, or visiting the Factory.

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