How To Get Dark Dagger In Blox Fruits?

Have you ever wondered how you can obtain Dark Dagger In Blox Fruits? In this guide, I have got you covered. The Dark Dagger is a legendary sword in Blox Fruits, handled by a skilled swordsman, and even though it’s small, it is effective.

This sword was dropped into the game in Update 15 which makes it the tiniest sword In the game. Don’t be fooled by its size, it may seem like it’s got a small hit zone, but that’s just because it’s a compact sword.

The Dark Dagger has a  quick cooldown of 0.2 seconds that makes it almost impossible to escape from if someone’s on your tail. Overall, getting this legendary sword is a fantastic move that could Improve your gaming adventure.

Let’s dive In.

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Dark Dagger Acquisition Guide in Blox Fruits

To get Dark Dagger In Blox Fruits, you need to defeat Rad Boss and Rip_Indra. These are the two bosses that have the Dark Dagger In the game. However, to get started you need to learn this:

Pre-requisites For The Dark Dagger Quest

To even think about the Dark Dagger, you have to be at the Third Sea and at least a level 1500 status. The Castle on the Sea is your starting point, and it transforms into the Battle of the Gods for this quest.

Summon The Raid Boss And Rip_Indra

To get your hands on Rip_Indra, the big boss at level 5000, you’ve got some rounds to jump through. First, do the Aura Colors quest, get those colors from the Master of Auras, or buy them from the Color Specialist. Once you’ve got those colors, head to the Castle and start pressing buttons.

Don’t forget the God’s Chalice, you can get it from Elite Pirates, chests scattered around, or just pray for it at the Haunted Castle’s Gravestone. Pop it on a pedestal in the central hall, and you will summon Rip_Indra.

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Fight Rip_Indra To Obtain The Dark Dagger

The fight against this boss is not for the coward, so bring your team along. Teamwork makes the dream work, especially when you’re gunning for Dark Dagger.

Conquer the boss, and you will be rewarded with a Valkery Helmet, three levels up, 1500 fragments, and a 2.5% shot at the Dark Dagger. However, the dagger is a bit of a rare find. So, be ready to defeat the boss a few times to get Dark Dagger In the game.

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