How To Get Observation Haki In Blox Fruits

In this post, you will learn how to get Observation Haki In Blox Fruits 2023. In Blox Fruits, there are two types of Haki, and one of them is called Observation Haki, also known as Ken.

This is a special power that helps you avoid getting hurt and be more effective in battles, especially against tough bosses. With Observation Haki, you can do three important things:

  • Dodge Enemy Attacks
  • See Through Objects
  • Improved Vision

In the beginning, Observation Haki might not be very strong, but as you practice and get better, your superpowers will grow, and you’ll be more awesome in the game. However, let’s learn how you can get Observation Haki In Blox Fruits.

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How To Get Observation Haki In Blox Fruits?

Obtaining Observation Haki in Blox Fruits can feel like unlocking a superpower, but it’s an adventure that requires a bit of effort and a few in-game resources. However, here’s a step-by-step guide that you can follow:

1. Level Up And Solve The Saber Expert Riddle

Before you even think about gaining Observation Haki, you’ll need to be an experienced player. Like reaching level 300, which means your skill in the game.

Additionally, you must solve the Saber Expert riddle and defeat the Saber Expert, proving your mettle in combat. These accomplishments are essential conditions for unlocking this special ability.

2. Gather Enough Beli

In Blox Fruits, money talks, and to obtain Observation Haki, you’ll need to save up to around 750,000 Beli. So, make sure your wallet is well-padded before proceeding.

3. Journey To The Upper Yard Of The Skylands

Once you’ve met the requirements mentioned above, it’s time to venture on your quest for Observation Haki. Head to the Upper Yard of the Skylands.

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4. Locate the Instinct Teacher

While in the Upper Yard, seek out the Instinct Teacher. He’s the key to unlocking Observation Haki. Approach him and prepare to be enlightened.

5. Begin Your Training

The Instinct teacher will impart knowledge about Haki and guide you on how to use this newfound ability effectively. At the start, your Observation Haki may be weak, but with dedication and practice, it will grow stronger over time.

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6. Purchase Observation Haki

Finally, once you’ve completed your training and saved up the required 750,000 Beli, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase Observation Haki. This investment will greatly improve your abilities and make you a force to be reckoned with in Blox Fruits.

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