How To Get Pets in Survivor IO

Everyone has had a great time attempting to unlock and upgrade their favorite pets so they can fight with them ever since released the pet game. But sometimes, it needs to be clarified who the greatest Pet is or even how to level them up and obtain more.

There is currently a respectable assortment of Pets to acquire and enhance, each customized for a particular type of construction. Try each to determine the best for the stats and load-outs you typically accumulate.

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The smartphone game recently received an unusual and very helpful update that added pets. This update adds a total of 8 different sorts of pets that you can use to fight alongside you in all game modes.

Each of these animals possesses a special pet skill that they can use to grant you different advantages and buffs. Everyone has been having a great time attempting to unlock and upgrade their favorite pets so they can fight with them ever since released the pet game.

Regardless of your familiarity with roguelikes, this post will undoubtedly contain some crucial starting knowledge that will aid you on how to get pets in survivor. It would aid in your familiarization with the game’s progress and gearing systems! Read on to find out how to get pets in survivor.

About The Game

The entire city is under siege from dangerous zombies! The city is under threat. You are forced to assume the heroic role of rescuing the city after being awakened by the trial of your dreams!

You and the other survivors must grab your weapons and engage these nasty and scary zombies, as you have limitless potential as a human warrior! The horde vastly outnumbered you; one mistake may land you in serious trouble! is heavily influenced by the popular roguelike game Vampire Survivors, as both have a very similar gameplay style, but also adds unique elements to set itself apart.

Thus, we have a game that plays a lot like Vampire Survivors but also has many gameplay progression features that will keep you glued to the screen as you try to advance more with each run of the round.

There will be no big surprises on if you’ve watched Vampire Survivors. is distinctive enough to catch you off guard, even if you have played games of this kind in the past, particularly when it comes to the gearing and skill aspects of the game.

To help you get a head start on your adventure, we’ve chosen to compile a list of all the essential gameplay mechanics in our tips & tricks guide.

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What Are Pets Pets are tame animals that you can summon to fight alongside you. One Pet that you can release to accompany you into combat will follow you about and launch attacks at your adversaries.

You can also designate two Pets to help the primary Pet. Depending on their assist skill, assist pets to enhance the deployed Pet in a particular way without participating in the fight. Pets randomly acquire the Better Quality Assist skill.

Pets in have six quality levels, like most items like Weapons and Equipment. Their talents and stats increase along with their quality. To make the most of them, it is consequently crucial to improve this. The various quality levels are broken down as follows:

  • Grey – Normal
  • Green – Good
  • Blue – Better
  • Purple – Excellent
  • Yellow – Epic
  • Red – Lege

It’s important to remember that the Pets you use in combat are compatible. Similar to the owner, they will suffer damage and will feign when their HP drops to zero.

Thank goodness, though, you can heal them just by briefly stepping over their body. This can be carried out whenever you choose, with feinted pets staying on the battlefield indefinitely. Pets’ buffs are dormant while they are feinted.

How to Acquire Animals in

In, obtaining pets is easy and only requires using the chest mechanic. You can view advertisements to earn three Pet Chests daily as a F2P player.

Alternatively, you can open one Excellent Pet Chest with 300 Gems or 10 with 2,680 Gems. You may be sure that every ten opens of these gem chests will provide an excellent-quality pet.

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How to Improve Pets

As was previously said, you can enhance your pets to make them more useful to you in combat. Leveling and Evolving are the two primary methods for doing this. The following sections of this Survivor provide further information about each technique:

Pets Leveling

In, a pet’s base ATK and HP stats are increased upon leveling. Their quality determines each Pet’s maximum level, and it rises as their quality does. Pet Cookies, which you may get at the pet shop, are necessary for levelling up your Pet. The following prices are for the purchase of them:

  • 150 Pet Cookies – 36k Coins
  • 200 Pet Cookies – 30 Gems

Pets evolution

As previously stated in this Pet Guide, there are six different quality levels for pets, with higher quality corresponding to superior base stats and abilities.

Depending on the Pet’s quality, a Survivor’s base stats are passed down to it. By combining duplicates of the same Pet or pet kind, you can evolve a pet to a higher quality. When this isn’t necessary, though, you must utilize a pet that is the same kind as the one you are becoming.

Pet Deploy Skill

Every Pet in begins with a primary Deploy Skill, regardless of their level or quality. These can be enhanced by raising the Pet’s rate, and they become active when the Pet is deployed with you in combat. When your Pets are deployed beside you in action, you will witness them use these abilities.’s Pet Help Ability

A Pet will randomly unlock an Assist Skill upon reaching Better quality. These usually enhance the primary deployed Pet and become active only when designated as an Assisting Pet.

As the rate of the Pet rises, so do the assist skills. Please be aware that you cannot be assisted at the same time by two pets that possess the same help skill. Here are a few instances of assistive skills:

  • Boost: In combat, the Pet’s ATK and skill range rise by 5% for each additional level the owner obtains.
  • Durable: In combat, the Pet’s shot duration rises by 8% for each of the five levels the owner obtains.

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How Pets Can Be Revived

The Pet battling with you suffers damage like your character does, and it can also end in death. The good news is that they can be brought back to life. He will return with his health restored and prepared to battle from your side as soon as you revive him.

All you have to do is stand directly next to your Pet for a few seconds to wake him. A green circle will then appear and gradually fill up beneath you. Remain there until the entire process is filled in to bring your Pet back to life.

Final Words

That’s all there is to know about Pets in the game. The pets in have their powers and also give benefits to whichever Survivor they accompany. While they’re less prevalent than the equipment you can obtain during runs, getting them still merits investing time and money.

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