How To Get To Second Sea in Blox Fruits

The sea is large, and the enemies are strong when you first start playing Blox Fruits on Roblox. Even the initial foes are a formidable obstacle.

However, competitors will be simple to beat as you gain fighting experience, gain Blox Fruit powers, and sharpen your fighting abilities. You will eventually long for more challenging opponents and the opportunity to discover new islands.

Each player begins in the First Sea region and advances up the ladder to increasingly difficult islands. Regretfully, reaching the Second Sea by boat is more difficult than traveling to the far corners of the map. To proceed to the next region, you have to go through a process.

But there are a few requirements to unlock the second, and figuring them out can be tricky. You may access Blox Fruits’ second sea by following these steps. Read on to find out more!

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4 Steps To Reach Second Sea in Blox Fruits

You can use this guide to assist you in navigating the Blox Fruits game and reaching the Second Sea. You must first travel to the frozen settlement, meet the military detective, and advance to level 700. Next, face the chief ice admiral, go back to the military investigator, and lastly, make your way to Middletown.

1. Achieve Level 700:

To gain entry to the second sea, you must reach a character level of at least 700. Participate in the game’s quests; finishing them earns you experience points that help you level up your character. When opponents are defeated, XP is awarded, and leveling up is facilitated by both bosses and NPCs.

Keep taking part in missions and fights to get experience points. Monitor your character’s experience bar and level indication to see how close you are to hitting level 700.

You will be able to explore the second sea after completing a unique quest that you will receive when you reach level 700.

2. Face the Ice Admiral Chief

  • Go back to the cave where you first learned how to use Haki and use the key you previously received from the military investigator to open the cave’s door.
  • You should be able to enter the area where the ice Admiral boss is waiting for you with the key.
  • After the entrance is unlocked, enter the cave and make your way to the boss area.
  • The mighty ice admiral is waiting for you at the boss area.
  • Approach the ice admiral and start the fight to start the battle. Use your battle plan to take down the ice admiral.
  • Use all of your available skills, dodges, and attacks to inflict damage while avoiding the boss’s blows.
  • You will win the battle once you’ve taken down the ice Admiral. You’ll advance through the game’s quest and storyline with this victory.

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3. Go back to the Military Investigator:

  • Once you’ve vanquished the ice Admiral, leave the boss area and head back to the Haki cave entrance.
  • Return to the spot where you first encountered the military investigator and engage with them there. Report that you were able to defeat the ice Admiral using the dialogue options that are offered. Your progress in the game’s questline will be acknowledged in the detective’s response.
  • Please refresh or reload this tab.

4. Visit Middletown:

  • Talk to the military detective once you’ve informed them of your success to find out what steps need to be taken to reach the second sea.
  • Once you get the information you need from the detective, end the call.
  • Utilize the in-game map of the game world to find Middletown and follow the map’s navigational markers to get there.
  • Look out for NPCs who may have mission markings above their heads once you’ve reached them.
  • Reaching the end of the Middletown quest will allow you to enter the second sea.

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Final Words

Although finding the second sea in Blox Fruits may seem tricky with this guide, it should be for you to find your way there.

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