5 Ways To Acquire The Tushita in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is a Roblox adventure game with a One Piece theme. It has multiple weaponry options. The legendary sword Tushita is one weapon you may finally obtain.

The moves ‘Heavenly Lunges’ and ‘Celestial Ravager’ reveal that this sword is named after one of the six heavens in Buddhism.

In Blox Fruits, the Tushita sword is an essential addition to your collection of weapons. It is well known for both how quickly it assaults and how much damage it inflicts on your adversaries.

Though not widely accessible, the weapon is considered one of Blox Fruits’ best swords. To locate the Tushita, you must first have leveled up to 2,000 in Blox Fruits.

Because of its quick attacks, it’s an excellent choice for PVP matches and boss encounters in raids. You will also be titled Celestial Swordsman if you manage to obtain the Tushita sword. We’ll walk you through getting the Tushita sword in Blox Fruits in this guide.

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How To Get The Tushita In Blow Fruits

The instructions for completing each assignment to get Tushita in Blox Fruits are listed below.

1. Getting God’s Chalice

To spawn the Rip_Indra boss, you must first obtain God’s Chalice for Tushita. You can get Tushita without having to defeat Rip_Indra, so don’t worry.

Go to the Castle on the Sea in Third Sea and speak with the Elite Hunter to obtain God’s Chalice. A task to kill an Elite Pirate, who has a 2% chance of dropping God’s Chalice, will be assigned to you by him.

God’s Chalice can also be obtained by searching for it in chests, albeit this method takes longer because there isn’t much of a chance to discover one there.

2. Summoning Up Rip_Indra

Once you obtain God’s Chalice, you need to call upon Rip_Indra. But to do it, you must possess three legendary haki colors.

You must press Snow White, Pure Red, and Winter Sky—three legendary enhancement colors—in the Castle of the Sea after obtaining three legendary haki colors. Place God’s Chalice on the pedestal now, and Rip_Indra will appear.

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3. Traveling To The Island of Hydra

When the boss Rip_Indra is still alive, proceed to Hydra Island once you’ve successfully summoned him. You may now find the Secret Temple by going behind the island’s main waterfall.

Some of your attacks can breach the wall, which will take you into a ghostly chamber. Take down the ghosts in space. After that, jump off the first waterfall on your right and pass through the enormous portal to reach the Floating Turtle Island.

4. Solving The Torch Mystery

There’s a puzzle you have to finish in five minutes. You need to ignite five torches to solve the problem. Each torch’s position is indicated on the list below.

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Torch 1

Proceed straight ahead on the stone route and bear right at the trail fork to locate the first torch. Proceed until you come across some mushrooms in a way that is somewhat lighter in color. To find the first torch, climb up the tree next to the gate entry and enter through the opening.

Torch 2

Follow the path that brought you to the first torch to find the second one. Continue straight ahead on this trail until you reach an arch. The second torch is located beneath this arch.

Torch 3

Head back to the way you came from and take a left at the brown trail to locate the third torch. Proceed along the route until you come to a large tree with two purple mushrooms on its right side.

Locate the second large tree with orange pods on the path’s right side. The third torch can be found by scaling the tree to the topmost orange pod.

Torch 4

Continue along the brown path from torch three until you come to a ledge for this torch. Once you see a lower ledge with a mansion in the distance, turn left and proceed straight ahead.

After you pass the exclamation point on the wall, continue on the road leading to the mansion and bear right. To locate the fourth torch on the sunken ship, ascend the ledges here.

Torch 5

Return to the main road and look for a little red-roofed cottage close to a collapsed structure to locate the fifth torch. The torch is located on the rear of the red-roofed, upright structure.

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5. Taking on Longma

A room containing the level 2000 boss Longma will open once you have lit all five torches. Avoid his strikes and maintain a safe distance as he employs Tushita.

Despite his toughness, he doesn’t have a lot of HP, so you should be able to destroy him rather quickly. You will obtain Tushita and the title of Celestial Swordsman upon defeating him. Getting this sword will take some time, but if you want the dual-cursed Katanas, the effort will be well worth it.

Final Words

By following and completing the tasks listed above you will successfully get the tushita in blox fruits. Good luck on your quest!

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