How to Level Up Fast in Apex Legends

For leveling up, Apex Legends employs the conventional XP system. The more you play, the longer you survive, the more enemies you take out, and the more victories you have, the more experience points you earn. You can get a breakdown of your score after every match.

While levels don’t play a significant role in the Apex Legends gameplay, they provide access to Apex Packs, Legend Tokens, and crafting materials.

Your gameplay won’t be drastically altered by those tokens, unlike in other games. Still, you can purchase weapon skins, stances, finishers, and other cosmetic items with them.

Want to level up Apex Legends more quickly? Do you want those unlocks as soon as possible? In this post, we’ll go over some helpful leveling advice for this brand-new battle royale game. Read on to find out more!

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About The Game

The only battle royale where I can shoot a little black hole at an enemy squad, catapult myself into the air to avoid bullets, and have my buddy rain mortars down on them simultaneously is Apex Legends.

2019 saw the release of Apex, which has since expanded and changed in fascinating ways, bringing new ideas and more substance to a genre that all too often feels copycat.

Although the gameplay structure is well-known (e.g., players drop into a large map, pick up randomly scattered loot, and fight inside an ever-closing circle to be the last team standing), what makes Apex feel different from other battle royale shooters is the 16 playable characters or Legends.

In contrast to standard battle royale games, where your role is primarily determined by the equipment you happen to find, each character in this game has a unique set of skills and advantages that you can utilize to suit your preferred style of play.

You would enjoy how various Legends may collaborate and work as a three-person team to maximize their abilities beyond what they could achieve independently.

Choosing Bloodhound, for instance, will make sense if someone on your squad is using smoke bombs and playing as Caustic or Bangalore because they can see through the haze and highlight adversaries that are close by.

Essentials For Quick Leveling Up in Apex Legends

  • Study the XP table thoroughly.
  • Play in groups whenever you can
  • Utilize XP boosters and have a battle pass.

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Strategies to level up fast in apex legends

In Apex Legends, you get experience through various tasks and achievements. Your objective should be to gain as much knowledge as possible in the least period. However, because there are a lot of variables to take into account, this is only sometimes feasible.

That’s how leveling up in every game functions, whether it’s Hogwarts Legacy or Destiny 2. In any case, the accomplishments that offer you experience are:

  • Victory – 900XP
  • Top 5 Placement – 300XP
  • Champion Squad – 500XP bonus at the start of the game
  • Champion Elimination – 500XP for each elimination
  • Kill Leader Placement – 50XP for becoming the kill leader
  • Eliminations – 50XP per elimination
  • First Daily Elimination – 500XP
  • Reviving an Ally – 25XP
  • Respawning an Ally – 200XP
  • Damage – 0.25 for each point of damage inflicted
  • Survival Time – Three for each second survived

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As you can see, in Apex Legends, survival counts just as much as killing enemies in terms of experience points.

Because this is a battle royale, survival is essential, and even if you don’t acquire any kills, you can level up rather quickly by hanging on until the final few teams. For this reason, it’s best to heed the advice in the upcoming few sections.

Play With a Friend

Play with friends to level up in Apex Legends quickly. Image sourced from the Apex Legends in-game screenshot.

The purpose of Apex Legends is to be played with buddies. It is, in fact, the optimal method for enjoying the game. However, they’re also beneficial for increasing your experience in addition to making the experience better.

As you can see, there is a built-in feature in the game that encourages multiplayer gaming. You earn a 5% bonus to survival time experience points if you’re in a predefined party. Although it may seem like little initially, it can add up over time! That is if you exercise caution.

However, you must persevere throughout the match to optimize your experience points. Learning the Apex Legends maps so you can navigate them is a fantastic suggestion for that. Ultimately, any team that sticks together has a better chance of winning.

Possess a Robust Team Structure

In Apex Legends, you genuinely desire every advantage possible. In specific ways, it is a harsh game. Instead of having every Legend be the same type, it makes sense to have a well-balanced squad composition to improve your chances from the start.

In Apex Legends, utility reigns supreme. In the long term, you will benefit more from having a more talented crew.

While no one likes being a support, everyone cries out for a respawn. Likewise, nobody enjoys serving as the team’s eyes. Still, you quickly appreciate the value of a recon when you have to enter a location without being able to see it.

The aggressive approach is sometimes the ideal strategy to level up. A team made up of recons and supports is occasionally preferable to one made up of attackers and skirmishers. On the other hand, though.

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Take Charge and Begin to Pray

Naturally, there’s a limit to how much caution and running away one can take before it becomes monotonous. Another high-risk, high-reward strategy for leveling up exists.

One of the best methods to get experience points is through eliminations, champion eliminations, and damage dealt. In light of this, if you want to level up quickly, you should take a riskier approach. No glory, no guts! Correct?

There is, however, a significant issue with this. That’s the straightforward reality—the enemy is armed and will fire back at you.

Because of this, unless you’re extremely brave or exceptionally skilled at the game, this method isn’t recommended.

Boost Your Battle Pass Level

Image via Apex Legends In-Game Screenshot; how to level up your battle pass While we’re talking about leveling up in Apex Legends, you might also be curious about the best ways to level up your battle pass.

It takes 2800 Apex Coins to purchase a battle pass, and 150 Apex Coins are needed for each level up you wish to purchase. It will be good to spend at most $100 to move from 0 to 100.

The daily and weekly challenges are simple and relatively easy to complete, so it’s better to stay with them. Furthermore, they are connected to the gathering occasions that may yield heirloom shards, which are necessary to acquire heirloom objects.

How Does Apex Legends Experience Work?

While there are numerous ways to gain experience in Apex Legends, “playing the game” is the most obvious. Playing with friends, however, is one of the most effective ways to expedite the process.

To be honest, they need to be a member of your group, they don’t even need to be your pals. Downloading the Z League app will make it easier to meet other players who share your interests and make finding a group to play Apex with only a few clicks.

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Final Words

That’s it. Ideally, you would like to do as many of these tasks as you can in the least amount of time. On the other hand, if you act without a strategy, failure will find you. For this reason, it’s best to heed the advice in this post.

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