How To Play Call of Dragons on PC

The primary characteristic of Call of Dragons that distinguishes it from most mobile city-building games is the flexibility to relocate your troops to any location. The gameplay and style of the game are also unique.

All of the games that are available on mobile devices just let you build your city, launch attacks and put up defenses. You are not as accessible as in Call of Dragons. Rise of Kingdoms, another game from the same developer, is the only game with this unique function.

Have you ever wondered what the best desktop setting is for Call of Dragons gameplay? This comprehensive guide unravels every detail you should know for a captivating journey through the Call of Dragons realm on your Windows or MacOS device.

Whether you’re using a PC or a Mac, we’ll reveal the steps to downloading, setting up, and exploring the captivating world of Call of Dragons on your computer in this in-depth guide. With the most recent improvements, tips, and techniques included, this post will ensure you are ready to take on this fantastic journey.

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Ways To Play Call of Dragons on PC

To play Call of Dragons, PC you would have to use an Android emulator or download the official emulator for Call of Dragons on a PC, here are the steps:

1. Using An Emulator For Android (Bluestacks)

An Android emulator is required to play Call of Dragons on your Mac or PC. Software known as an emulator enables your computer to mimic the interface of a mobile device. For this post, we will be using Bluestacks, which is well-known for being secure and working. Bluestacks Emulator may be downloaded here.

 Use these instructions to install Bluestacks on your Mac or PC:

  • Visit the download page for Bluestacks.
  • Select “Call of Dragons: Play on PC.” This will start the download of the installation-related file.
  • To start the installation process, double-click the downloaded file.
  • Note: The emulator determines the best configuration based on your PC’s performance. Thus, the installation can take a few minutes.
  • Configuring Bluestacks
  • The next step is to configure Bluestacks after installation. Bluestacks will allow you to link your Google account, just like when you set up a new phone. This is essential if you want to back up your games.
  • Pro Tip: You may immediately restore your game progress on your PC or Mac if you’ve already played Call of Dragons on your mobile device by connecting your Google account!

Use these instructions to download Call of Dragons for Mac or PC after installing Bluestacks:

  • Open the emulator and navigate to the game’s Google Play page.
  • Select “Install.”
  • Call of Dragons will be added to your collection of mobile games on Bluestacks after the download.

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How To Link Your Game History

Take these actions to sync your game progress between your PC or Mac and mobile device:

  • Open Call of Dragons from Google Play or the Bluestacks home screen.
  • Click on “Connect to another account”, located at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • For this, you can use your Google, Facebook, or Google Play Games account. Your game progress will be synchronized once you’ve finished the login process, so you may keep playing on your Mac or PC!

How To Install The Call Of Dragons Official PC Version

To play Call of Dragons on a PC (Windows only), we will first install the official emulator from publisher Farlight Games. Playing on a PC can be done fastest and most simply in this manner.

  • To access the download page, click here. Afterward, click the button to return to the page you just opened and download the game’s launcher.
  • After installing the launcher, open it and click Download the game file.
  • Click on Start after the download is completed.
  • Log in with your Google or Facebook account to play.
  • That’s all; your computer is now running Call of Dragons. All that’s left to do is pick up where you left off or embark on a brand-new journey with one of the game’s three sides!

About The Game

One of the best city-building games available right now is Call of Dragons because it has an unconstrained mobility mechanism that lets you move your heroes however you choose. You’ve probably already played Rise of Kingdoms, which is the only game that resembles Call of Dragons.

Thus, see what’s popular on the Play Store and look for gameplay on YouTube. You’ll ultimately come across a game you enjoy. In addition to the restricted number of pay-to-win players, your alliance and kingdom must now schedule each attack and the appropriate employment of heroes. As a result, strategic planning and teamwork will be significantly increased.

However, the fact that heroes in Call of Dragons have stamina reduces the pay to win. The hero will thus run out of life after every assault, and stamina cannot be gained.

You’ll need to wait for your energy to replenish. Therefore, those who pay to win must avoid engaging in continuous combat. They are constrained.

Call of Dragons’ graphics were created with much time and effort. The heroes are unique, their skill effects are amazing, the terrain is gorgeous, it is teeming with wonders and adversaries, etc. We can state with absolute certainty that among all mobile games, Call of Dragons boasts some of the best graphics and design.

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You can participate in a wide variety of activities in Call of Dragons. They introduced several special events and carried over many of the fantastic Rise of Kingdoms events. You’ll receive incentives for every event in the game, which will expedite your advancement.

Community is the primary and most significant feature of Call of Dragons. This game is played by people from all over the world, and although you are competing against them, 99 percent of them are nice and always willing to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is BlueStack’s PC Security Safe?

Yes, Bluestacks is a reliable Android emulator used by millions of players worldwide and is usually regarded as secure for PCs.

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2. For PC, is Call of Dragons Free?

Yes, you can play Call of Dragons on your PC for free by downloading it for free using Bluestacks or other Android emulators.

3. Is Call of Dragons Available For PC?

Although Call of Dragons may be played on a PC with emulators like Bluestacks, the game was initially intended to be played on mobile devices. An official standalone PC version of the game does not exist.

Final Words

You may now play Call of Dragons on your Mac or PC! This Call of Dragons PC game guide will let you enjoy the exciting gameplay on a larger screen with improved visuals and performance. Enjoy your gaming!

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