How To Rob A Train in Bitlife?

Robbering a train is one of the quickest ways to make a ton of money in BitLife. Even though the strategy seems straightforward, your theft will only be practical if you plunder a train at the designated times.

The world of BitLife is undoubtedly full of opportunities. There are new ways to succeed and earn money daily, but some take more effort than others. We will look at how to rob a train in BitLife today and the precautions you should take beforehand!

This post will help you if you want to rob a train in bitlife and make a lot of money. Everything you require to plan for the robbery and determine when to begin the robbery may be found in this post.

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Most Effective Ways To Rob A Train in Bitlife

Before you attempt your first rail robbery, there are a few prerequisites that your BitLife character must fulfill. At this age, you first become aware of crime as a possible career route; you must be eighteen. Fortunately, you can participate in this activity without a criminal record so you can get started right now.

  • Navigate to Activities > Crime > Train Robbery.
  • Next, you have to decide which train to rob and when.
  • Remember that the time of day matches the time on your device. Therefore, you should select the “High Noon” time if it is noon, and so on.
  • The train may or may not arrive, depending on the time of day you have selected. If it does, you can rob it and take millions of dollars.
  • An image from BitLife that displays the screen when an attempted train heist fails

What Are The Benefits of Robbing Trains in BitLife?

As previously mentioned, the train robbery incentives are possibly the biggest in the game. You will always walk away with a minimum of $10 million, naturally, in the unique money of your character. If you can execute it well, you’ll be set up for life with a guaranteed payday.

Apart from the payout, there are no further benefits or recognitions; nevertheless, achieving at least $10 million in one lifetime will unlock the Multimillionaire achievement. Similarly, you will receive the Going Anywhere achievement if you successfully rob the midnight train.

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Train Robbery Tips From BitLife

The BitLife train robbery is a make-or-break situation, as you can see. If you succeed, you’ll be set for life; if not, you’ll be imprisoned in your cell until you’re very old. Therefore, the following advice will help ensure your train theft is successful.

  • Most importantly, remember to set alarms or reminders for when the BitLife train will pass by. That would be noon, midnight, 8:00 AM, 4:20 PM, and 6:00 PM, depending on your local time zone. These are the moments you should be vigilant if you want to pull off a train robbery.
  • On the other hand, setting your device’s internal clock to these timings to avoid waiting is something you absolutely should not do. If you do this, BitLife is intelligent enough to detect it and will hit you instead of completing the theft. Your BitLife persona will die, and you will start over from scratch. As such, you’ll have to wait for these times to come around and do it the old-fashioned way.
  • You will always walk away with a minimum of $10 million, naturally, in the unique money of your character. If you can execute it well, you’ll be set up for life with a guaranteed payday.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. In BitLife, Is It Possible To Rob The Train?

In the game BitLife, each decision you make impacts the actual world. That even applies to rail robberies! It is possible to rob the train, but you should reconsider doing so in your BitLife gameplay as it is likely to be complicated.

2. What Time Does The Train Come in?

Which time of day you select will determine this: sunrise, high noon, Sunset, or midnight. Sunrise and Sunset are the ideal times to rob a train, but if you choose to do it too early, your character may not get the chance. It only arrives once daily, so be sure to remember it!

3. Can Robbing The Train Cause Me Harm or Death?

You certainly can! Your character could suffer severe injuries if they don’t follow all the directions and don’t do what’s required of them. This is extremely risky since, should their injuries get too severe, they may pass away, and their BitLife career will end.

4. What Will It Take For Me To Rob The Train?

All you need is some time and patience. Before beginning this exercise, check the time since you’ll also need to be in the proper area at the right time. You need nothing more than that to rob the train effectively!

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Final Words

BitLife is an incredible game that will keep you occupied for many hours. It’s thrilling, entertaining, and incredibly beneficial for gamers who want to win money.

While there are plenty of ways to accomplish this in BitLife, stealing trains is among the finest since it only requires a short amount of time. Thus, begin the train heist immediately, and remember to enjoy yourself!

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