A Suitable Guide on Successfully Trading in Blox Fruits

One of the most popular games on Roblox is Blox Fruits: it has a whooping 391K+ active users. In this game, the most important things are, of course, Blox Fruits.

You can buy them from the Dealer (by exchanging Beli or Robux), but sometimes, you might want to trade them with other players for other Fruits.

The Blox Fruits Sea 3 update introduces a revamped trading system that allows players to trade Fruits and Game Passes. It may take you a while to figure out how the new system works, so we want to provide an overview to help out.

This guide will show you exactly how to trade in Blox Fruits and all the steps you need to take to trade Fruits and Game Passes with other players.

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How To Trade In Blox Fruits

All you have to do to exchange Blox Fruits is equip the fruit you wish to trade and hold it in your hand. Next, proceed to the trading room’s light brown storage box and insert your fruit inside. Proceed to any trading table and take a seat in one of the chairs that are in front of it.

The trade menu appears when a player takes a seat across from you at the table. Just select the fruit you wish to serve from the menu while it’s open, then wait for your spouse to do the same.

You can confirm and finish the deal once you’re both set and the difference in value between your two fruits is less than 40%.

Where Can I Make A Trade?

Regretfully, there is no trading location in the first sea, therefore those who are new to Blox Fruits will only be able to trade in the second and third seas. Players can trade in the Café in the second sea, which is a component of the Rose Kingdom.

A hidden chess minigame, a ton of quest and non-quest NPCs, and the Awakenings Expert: who lets players undo awakened moves, are all present on the Safe Zone island known as The Café.

Players can trade in the Mansion on Floating Turtle Island in the third sea. The Mansion acts as a haven for players and has a secret chess minigame in addition to several very significant NPCs that are exclusive to it. Players travel from all across the map to this structure, which is usually the busiest trading location, to display their loot.

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What Are The Conditions To Keep In Mind While Trading?

These are things you need to keep in mind while dealing in this game:

  • The price difference of the fruits that you are trading needs to be 40% and under only.
  • There is a restriction to how much you may trade You can trade five times every 6 hours, so be sure to do it properly.
  • Players are unable to trade two identical fruits.

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Final Words

Trading in Blox Fruits is relatively easy. But, it would be ideal if you traded with extreme caution, mainly if you are a novice.

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