Can Gang Beasts Run on Multiple Platforms?

Over the years, online multiplayer gaming has evolved significantly, whether as first-person shooters or intense cooperative experiences. Among the questions that have fans seeking answers is: Does Gang Beats support cross-platform play? Read this article to the end to know if Gang Beasts’ cross-platform play supports crossplay or not.

Gang Beasts stands apart as a unique game that can best be described as “Bonkers—wonderfully crazy and fun. Despite its appearance with gangs in beastly outfits, the delightful twist lies in the charmingly cute and colorful animal-themed costumes worn by the characters.

The game’s irony is that despite its playful aesthetics, it’s surprisingly intense, featuring brutal melee combat that requires defeating opponents while maintaining an adorable appearance.

While the game provides a wild and enjoyable gaming experience, have you ever imagined playing with friends on different gaming systems? Without further delay, let’s unveil the truth about whether Gang Beasts supports cross-platform play. Let’s find out!

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About Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is a captivating and thrilling multiplayer beat ’em-up party game that offers a unique and entertaining gaming experience. Developed by the British independent studio Boneloaf and originally published by Double Fine Productions, the game invites players into a world of zany characters and chaotic battles.

Set in various interactive environments, Gang Beasts places players in control of gelatinous, quirky characters dressed in colorful and comical costumes. The aim of the game is delightfully simple: throw, punch, kick, and grapple your way to victory by knocking opponents off platforms and into hazards.

As players engage in these hilarious battles, they can also utilize environmental objects as weapons, further adding to the unpredictable nature of the matches. While this game is arguably enjoyable, a common query that players might ponder is the cross-platform compatibility, spanning PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC.

So, read on to discover whether Gang Beasts supports cross-platform play!

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Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform?

So, to answer the lingering question: Yes, Gang Beasts is indeed a cross-platform game, but unfortunately, its functionality has its limits. Gang Beasts are compatible with various operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Apple Mac OS, and Linux.

Unfortunately, crossplay compatibility currently extends between the Microsoft Store’s PC Client and the Xbox console family. This means that PC players on the Microsoft Store can link up with Xbox players, and owners of different Xbox consoles can also play together.

While cross-platform play on Gang Beasts is privileged to PC and Xbox players, to ensure this compatibility, both players will need to have purchased the game through the Microsoft Store. It’s important to note that purchasing the game from the Steam version won’t enable crossplay.

It might seem a bit odd why the Steam version won’t work, but the logic becomes clearer when you consider that Gang Beasts is making its way to Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox consoles are under the Microsoft umbrella. Since Microsoft also owns Windows, a major OS for PCs, the crossplay connection makes sense.

Despite its complexity, this step toward crossplay is positive for the game’s growth, particularly among Xbox and PC players. So, as of now, Gang Beasts crossplay is only compatible between the Microsoft Store PC Client and the Xbox family of consoles.

The developers have yet to extend to other platforms, such as PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

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Will Gang Beasts Support Crossplay In The Future?

Considering what we’ve seen on Gang Beasts’ official website page, there’s been a steady stream of developer chatter about future updates promising to extend the cross-platform gameplay options to other platforms.

While assurances have been made, that the crossplay feature will be embraced in the future, there hasn’t been a clear and official declaration about the universal cross-functionality potential for Gang Beasts.

Furthermore, the introduction of cross-play isn’t likely to happen in the immediate future, given the substantial differences in platform architectures and the financial barriers that need to be addressed.

So, as of now, the cross-platform functionality isn’t available on any Gang Beasts-supported platform except for PC and Xbox platforms. So, buckle up for the upcoming update that will enable you to enjoy Gang Beasts on your preferred gaming system.

In Conclusion

As technology evolves and the gaming landscape transforms, the quest for broader crossplay compatibility continues. Gang Beasts embrace this movement, inviting players to revel in hilarious battles.

However, it is important to know that crossplay is limited to PC and Xbox users. So, gamers wielding different Xbox consoles can join forces, and PC players can seamlessly collaborate with their Xbox counterparts.

Additionally, within the PlayStation realm, cross-generation gameplay is possible between PS4 and PS5 users to enjoy shared adventures.

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