Lies of P Best Weapons Tier List

This guide provides a list of the best weapons that you can use In Lies of P. These weapons that I will be sharing with you belong to the S-Tier list, which means they are the most effective arms In the game. Without further ado, Let’s get to the best weapons In Lies of P.

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Tier List For Lies of P Best Weapons

1. Frozen Feast

Frozen Feast

In Lies of P, the Frozen Feast caught my eye, and for good reason. This frozen greatsword is a winter sledgehammer, with a heavy punch.

And every swing carries a chance to freeze foes in their tracks. Imagine you land a hit, the enemy gets ice-cold, and then, Shatter them into pieces with the next strike.

It’s a frozen combo that never gets old. However, the Punishing Sweep move is the real game-changer. You know the feeling of the satisfaction of watching enemies crumble before your icy onslaught. In the chaos of combat, Frozen Feast puts In a chill that’s hard to resist.

2. Puppet Ripper

Puppet Ripper

Puppet Ripper is a dagger straight out of nightmares, and it’s all about the speed. And, the Quick Upward Slash is a lightning bolt, fast, precise, and perfect for catching a single opponent off guard.

Also, when you find yourself surrounded, cue the Storm Spinning Slash. It’s turning the tide against multiple foes in a blink.

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3. Two Dragon Sword

Two Dragon Sword

Two Dragons Sword in Lies of P carries a combination of speed and versatility to the battlefield. First, the Two Dragons Sword lets you move around with an Emergence Dodge.

Then, there’s the Wind of Swords attack, a fancy way of saying you can unleash a whirlwind of slashes, diverting the area around you into a danger zone for any foes in reach. In the chaos of combat, the Two Dragons Sword flows through enemies with skills.

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4. Holy Sword of The Ark

Holy Sword of The Ark

The Holy Sword of the Ark transforming greatsword is not your average blade. It’s a trick of shrinking down for quicker, more nimble strikes.

The Patient Smash move is your go-to when it’s time to unleash devastation. It paves the way for the main act, the 5-hit Alter combo.

This combo is a wrecking ball, destroying even the toughest adversaries. The Holy Sword of the Ark also put forward versatility to the forefront. Speed, power, and a combo that’s as satisfying as it is effective.

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