Limbus Company Tier List

The newest turn-based role-playing game, Limbus Company, has been downloaded and installed more than 100,000 times now! These are some incredible record-breaking stats for a game emerging from the shadows.

Entering a new game can be intimidating, mainly if a lot of information is provided and you are left to process it all. This is particularly relevant when you’re playing a new Gacha game because there are frequently a lot of characters to get acquainted with, and some of them may have positive or terrible traits.

Do you want to form a squad within the game but need to know where to start? Well, we are here to help. The Limbus company tier list includes every character, ranked from best to worst. Continue reading to learn more!

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About the Game

Project Moon, a South Korean studio, produced and distributed the indie horror role-playing game Limbus Company for Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

The game contains gacha aspects that let players purchase more Sinner Identities or their accompanying Extermination of Geometrical Organ (E.G.O.) with real money and the default ones they start with. Lunacy is the game’s currency.

As the Executive Manager, you are responsible for guiding the sinners—dark, quirky, and strong characters—as you traverse the city and select the appropriate identities for them in Project Moon’s gacha game Limbus Company.

This should be made a little more accessible by our Limbus Company tier list, which ranks all of the possible Identities and associated Egos.

Comprehensive Limbus company tier list

Based on their advantages and disadvantages, we have categorized every character in the game into five groups. These consist of:

  1. S-Tier: The S-tier characters have exceptional skills, high damage output, and an exceptional ability to work well with other identities.
  2. A-Tier: The A-tier characters are still very dependable and can significantly contribute to your team’s victory by showing impressive skills and strong battle performances.
  3. B-Tier: When looking for competitive and adaptable options in various situations, characters in the B Tier are an excellent choice for players.
  4. C-Tier: Characters in the C Tier are the game’s average players. Even though they might not shine as brightly as those in the higher tiers, they can still be valuable players in specific situations.
  5. D-Tier: The least compelling and valuable characters in terms of performance are those in the D-tier.

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S-Tier Characters in Limbus Company Tier List includes:

  • Don Quixote – W Corp. L3 Cleanup Agent
  • Faust – The One Who Grips
  • Heathcliff – R Corp. 4th Pack Rabbit
  • Hong Lu – Kurokumo Wakashu
  • Hong Lu – Tingtang Gang Leader
  • Meursault – N Corp. Grobhammer
  • Ryoshu – Kurokumo Wakashu
  • Sinclair – The One Who Shall Grip


A-Tier Characters in Limbus Company Tier List includes:

  • Outis – Seven Section 6 Director
  • Gregor – G Corp Manager Corporal
  • Ishmael – LCCB Assistant Manager
  • Ryoshu – R.B. Chef de Cuisine
  • Sinclair – L.C.B. Sinner
  • Heathcliff – R. Corp 4th Rabbit
  • Ryoshu – Chef de Cuisine
  • Faust – L. Corp Remnant
  • Hong Lu – L.C.B. Sinner
  • Yi Sang – Salsu BL
  • Don Quixote – Section 5 Shi

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B-Tier Characters in Limbus Company includes:

  • Sinclair – Blade Lineage Salsu
  • Yi Sang – Blade Lineage Salsu
  • Rodion – Kurokumo Clan Wakashu
  • Faust – L.C.B. Sinner
  • Meursault – Liu Section 6
  • Sinclair – Jefe de Los Mariachis
  • Don Quixote – N Corp. Mittelhammer
  • Heathcliff – Lobotomy E.G.O::Sunshower


C-Tier Characters in Limbus Company includes:

  • Don Quixote – LCB Sinner
  • Ryoshu – L.C.B. Sinner
  • Meursault – W. Corp Cleaning Agent.
  • Sinclair – Section 6 Zwei
  • Rodion – LCCB A. Manager
  • Outis – G. Corp Head Manager


D-Tier Characters in Limbus Company includes:

  • Ishmael – Shi Section 5
  • Rodion – L.C.B. Sinner
  • Gregor – L.C.B. Sinner
  • Faust – L.C.B. Sinner
  • Meursault – LCB Sinner
  • Sinclair – Los Mariachis Jefe

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Final Words

We are aware that players have access to various play styles and strategies in the game and that their experiences with different characters or products may vary widely in terms of success.

As a result, proceed with caution when using the tier list and utilize it as a starting point for your research on the game’s contents.

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