Marvel Snap Best Decks For Beginners

If you are just starting, this post provides some of the best decks you can play In Marvel Snap. In Marvel Snap, you get to play with a deck of 12 special cards, each showing a different Marvel character.

These cards have important stuff like a cost, how strong they are, and sometimes even a superpower. Now, when the game starts, everyone puts down their cards face-down in one of three places, but which place your card goes is random.

And each place has a different trick up its cover. After all the cards are out, it’s time for the big reveal. The card with the most power at a place wins that spot, and you need to win two out of the three places to win the game.

The game lasts for six rounds, and as you go on, you get more energy to play even stronger cards. You can climb up the ranks by earning cubes, and you can double the fun by snapping, just like in the classic game Backgammon.

Marvel Snap is super easy to pick up, and you’ll finish a game in just a few minutes. However, here are the best decks any beginner can play right now In 2023:

  • Ongoing Swarm
  • On Reveal
  • Value Cards

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Let’s get started.

Ongoing Swarm

The Ongoing Swarm deck is a fantastic choice for a beginner and is all about building a synergy between Ongoing cards and swarming the game board with lots of small but strategic units.

The basic idea here is to overpower your opponent with a ruthless army of heroes. To make this deck work, you’ll start by playing a bunch of inexpensive cards in the early game because these cards lay the foundation for some impressive power-ups down the line.

Cards like Kazar, Blue Marvel, and Wolfsbane thrive on having many allies by their side. The more units you have, the bigger the payoff for these heroes’ buffing effects.

What if you release your heroes and expend your resources? Sentinel ensures that your momentum doesn’t fizzle out. You can replay this card multiple times to keep the pressure on your opponent.

However, towards the end of the game, when victory is almost in your grasp, Spectrum and Iron Man become your heavy-hitting finishers.

They can single-handedly turn the tide of battle, whether you need to double down on a single location or spread your power across multiple locations.

On Reveal

On Reveal is one of the best decks any beginner can play and the core concept behind the On Reveal deck is timing, waiting for the perfect moment to reveal your hidden powers. In this deck, the payoffs come when you reveal your cards.

Odin, a strong character in the Marvel snap, plays a pivotal role, reactivating the strong effects of cards like White Tiger, Ironheart, Wolfsbane, and to a slightly lesser extent, Medusa, Star-Lord, and Gamora.

When these heroes reveal their true potential, it can lead to an explosive power turn that can catch your opponent off guard. On Reveal deck also can close out a game with a bang.

Suppose you’ve been patiently building your deck, saving your powerful cards for the right moment, and then, when the time is just perfect, you reveal them all at once. While the On Reveal strategy is the heart of this deck, the rest of the cards act as a solid foundation.

These filler cards may not have flashy effects, but they help maintain your presence on the board and keep you in the game until the critical moment to reveal your hidden arsenal.

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Value Cards

The essence of the Value Cards deck is to get the most smash for your dollar. It focuses on playing cards that offer efficient power numbers for their mana cost which allows you to maintain a competitive edge throughout the game.

In this deck, the real stars are Medusa and Mister Fantastic. Placing them in the middle location is your key to achieving maximum value.

These two heroes bring a fantastic balance of power and versatility that ensures that you get the most out of your cards. While the Value Cards deck isn’t reliant on complex combos, it’s still important to make the best use of each card’s unique effects.

Even if it’s gaining extra power, drawing cards, or disrupting your opponent’s strategy, you’ll want to capitalize on these abilities to maintain control of the game.

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When it comes to closing out the game, the Value Cards deck offers two solid options. Spectrum is your choice for spreading power across all locations, making it tough for your opponent to secure victories.

Alternatively, you can go for Hulk to double down on a single location, and can be effective when you’ve built up a significant presence in that area.

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