The Best Cannons To Use in Mob Control

Mob Control is a tower defense game where players aim to destroy their opponent’s base by strategically using ‘multiplier gates’ to grow their crowd and overpower the enemy.

Players must also fend off opponent mobs to maintain their units. The game features oddly satisfying gameplay with levels including speed boosts, multipliers, and moving gates for added challenge.

By winning battles, fortifying bases, and dominating tournaments, players earn Championship Stars to climb the Champions League and become elite players.

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Best Cannons in Mob Control

  • Tripple cannon
  • Regular cannon
  • Lucky shot cannon
  • Big bertha cannon

1. Tripple

The best cannon for mob control in the game is the Triple. With its unique ability to shoot twice, it provides efficient crowd control.

The Triple cannon releases three consecutive shots, targeting the left, right, and center. This firing pattern ensures thorough coverage, making it highly effective in handling mobs. However, accessing the Triple Cannon requires a subscription to the Special Offer.

Its dual-shot capability enhances its effectiveness, enabling players to neutralize multiple threats with accuracy. In mob-heavy situations, the Triple’s ability to distribute firepower across different directions proves invaluable.

2. Regular

The Regular cannon is a reliable choice for handling mobs individually. It allows for one-shot firing, making it easily accessible.

The Regular cannon, being the default option, requires no special selection, simplifying gameplay. It offers the ability to upgrade mob control by spending coins to improve its effectiveness by 0.1 mobs per second.

However, despite its steady performance, the Regular cannon falls short compared to the later options available. While it provides a consistent approach to mob control, its limitations become apparent as more advanced choices become accessible. Players may be outpaced by other cannons with improved capabilities.

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3. Lucky Shot

The lucky shot cannon is one of the best cannons In Mob Control but becomes available at Base 4. However, its reliance on chance may not suit everyone.

Its base firing rate of 4.14 mobs per second makes it a worthy choice even without enhancements. The only concern is its unpredictable nature.

It can shoot varying numbers of mobs randomly, but If you prefer consistency over luck, it’s advisable to opt for a more dependable cannon.

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4. Big Bertha

Big Bertha is a powerful cannon that can be unlocked at Base 6, offering an advanced option for mob control. Unlike traditional cannons, Big Bertha specializes in launching large mobs rather than regular ones.

However, its initial rate of 0.9 mobs per second at level 1 may seem underwhelming. In scenarios with low multipliers and a massive swarm of enemies, the size of the mobs it generates might not be sufficient for victory.

While Big Bertha presents a unique approach to mob control, its effectiveness depends on the specific circumstances of the game.

Players should consider their strategy carefully and weigh the potential benefits against its limitations before deploying Big Bertha in the field.

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