Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List


Overwatch 2, the widely anticipated sequel to the enormously popular team-based shooter, is ready to delight the gaming community.

As players prepare for new maps, characters, and game types, one feature that remains fundamental to the Overwatch experience is the Damage-Per-Second (DPS) function.

In this article, we will look at the Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List, assessing the dynamic environment of characters and their efficacy in the upcoming game.

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What Exactly is The Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List?

The DPS Tier List in Overwatch 2 is a detailed rating system that examines the efficacy of Damage heroes based on numerous variables like as damage output, adaptability, and overall impact on the game.  As the game progresses, so does the meta, influencing the prevalence of particular characters in the DPS category.

Understanding the subtleties of the DPS Tier List is critical for players looking to maximize their contribution to the team while adapting to the ever-changing Overwatch 2 scenario.

Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List: A Sneak Peek

As the gaming world prepares for Overwatch 2 Season 7, rumors of a game-changing Sombra overhaul have sent shockwaves through the DPS landscape. This elusive hacker’s redesign promises to shake up the meta in unprecedented ways, keeping players on the edge of their seats.

If the oncoming uncertainty has you debating which hero to support, don’t worry! With an exclusive DPS hero tier list, we’re here to help you navigate the turbulent waves of change.

Tier List Heroes A

  • Genji 

Genji descends to A tier, grappling with Sombra’s rise. Sombra’s Hack weakens Genji by nullifying core abilities, leaving him vulnerable.  Without key mobility and defensive tools, he becomes an easy target.  Strategic hero choices can still highlight Genji’s strengths, as long as confrontations with Sombra are avoided.

  • Torbjorn 

Torbjorn maintains his dominance in the A tier by combining easy gameplay with endurance in brawl combinations. His constant damage output cements his enduring value, making him ideal for clinching crucial victories in ranked competition. Maintain Torbjorn in your arsenal for a consistent contribution to team success.

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  • Sombra 

Sombra climbs to A tier after a transformative rework, elevating her elusiveness and kill potential with the Virus ability. This shift from F tier to the meta’s elite makes Season 7 the perfect time to master Talon’s favorite hacker.

  • Soldier 76

Soldier 76, the pinnacle of adaptability, securely secures a stable spot by expertly balancing continuous damage output with great adaptability.

Soldier 76 is a dependable force in Overwatch’s ever-changing scene, providing players with a well-rounded hero capable of handling a multitude of scenarios with ease.

Tier List Heroes B

  • Tracer

Tracer has long been a fan favorite because of her time-bending skills and unequaled mobility. Her ability to harass foes and disrupt opposing formations is expected to keep her as a top-tier DPS option in Overwatch 2.

  • Cassidy 

In B tier, Cassidy excels with a notable Combat Roll damage reduction buff (50% to 75%), showcasing unique strength against agile flankers like Tracer.

His adaptability extends to mid to long-range scenarios, making him a well-rounded choice for Season 7.  His ascent to B tier reflects the impact of strategic buffs, solidifying him as a compelling and balanced option in the evolving meta.

  • Ashe

In the B tier, Ashe demonstrates versatility with long-range precision, Dynamite punishes groups, and Coach Gun escapes. Success is dependent on secure positioning and planned ability utilization, making her a tough competitor.

  • Symmetra 

Symmetra dominates close-range battles with unrivaled firepower, and her ultimate secure decisive victory, with only Sombra’s EMP standing in her way.

She thrives in brawling settings, making her a strategic cornerstone for teams seeking success in close-quarter confrontations in the current meta.

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Tier List Heroes C

  • Hanzo 

With his dual skill in spam damage and one-shot eliminations, Hanzo earns a C-tier rank. Storm Arrows deal burst damage to tanks, and Sonic Arrow is a useful team asset.

However, his susceptibility to opponent spam maintains him in the C tier, which is a significant aspect of the current meta. In this competitive environment, players must combine their devastating damage with survival skills.

  • Echo

With her flexible kit and ability to replicate enemy heroes, Echo is a dynamic and effective DPS option.

Tier List Heroes D

  • Widowmaker

Widowmaker remains a powerful weapon for sharpshooters, excelling in long sightlines and static settings. However, the increasing presence of Sombra increases vulnerability, rendering Widowmaker vulnerable to stealthy flanks. Approach with caution, as her effectiveness is dependent on strategic positioning and precision in the face of a developing meta.

  • Mei

Mei’s utility hasn’t been stabilized despite recent changes. High-DPS heroes counter her Ice Wall, while supports like Lifeweaver and Kiriko counter her Blizzard.

Despite her boosted damage output, Mei trails other DPS heroes, making her less appealing in the current meta. Navigating her toolbox needs careful adaptation to Overwatch’s changing landscape.

Tier List Heroes F

  • Reaper

Reaper is a formidable force due to his close-range devastation and soul-stealing powers. With anticipated improvements to his kit in Overwatch 2, Reaper might become an even more threatening presence on the battlefield, cementing his spot at the top of the DPS Tier List.

  • Pharah

Pharah is demoted to the F-tier in Overwatch 2 Season 7 owing to Sojourn’s alternative fire and greater vulnerability from Sombra.

The legendary Pharah-Mercy duo falters as Mercy becomes a more vulnerable target for hackers. Pharah’s hero status is jeopardized without Mercy’s assistance. The once-solid synergy is now obsolete, requiring players to adjust to Season 7’s changing obstacles.

  • Junkrat

Junkrat, known for his close-range domination, falters on wider maps, affecting two-thirds of the pool. His poke damage potential decreases as tanks develop more self-sustainability. In reaction to the changing meta, players must adjust by investigating other DPS choices.

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Tier List Heroes S

  • Sojourn 

Sojourn maintains her S-tier domination, excelling at burst fire and working in tandem with Sombra’s Hack. Her ultimate, Overclock, rewards pinpoint accuracy, cementing her god-tier position in Season 7 for unrivaled battlefield dominance.

  • Bastion 

Bastion controls Season 7 with a powerful 360 DPS turret, wreaking havoc in brawls and terrifying tank heroes. Bastion, when combined with the revised Sombra, ensures that targeted heroes have as few chances of survival as possible. Bastion’s firepower and chemistry with Sombra make him an important component in the metagame’s evolution.

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