Overwatch 2 Support Tier List


Welcome to the exciting world of Overwatch 2! As the battle for Earth continues, our steadfast support heroes play an important role in keeping their allies in the fight.

In this blog article, we’ll delve deep into the Overwatch 2 Support Tier List, examining the strengths and drawbacks of each support hero to help you make informed judgments on the battlefield.

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What is a Support Tier List in Overwatch 2?

Before we begin our adventure through the support heroes, let us define a Support Tier List in Overwatch 2. A Support Tier List rates heroes based on their efficacy in providing healing, utility, and general support to the squad. These ranks are affected by characteristics like as healing output, crowd control abilities, and survivability.

Overwatch 2: Support Heroes

  1. Ana – The Sniper Healer:

Ana is a skilled support hero with long-range healing darts and strong crowd-control abilities. Her ultimate, Nano Boost, can temporarily transform a partner into a powerhouse, while her Biotic Grenade can swing team fights by denying enemy healing.


  • Long-distance healing darts can reach far-flung teammates.
  • Biotic Grenade prevents hostile healing while increasing ally healing.
  • Nano Boost temporarily transforms a comrade into a powerhouse.


  • Healing and damage rely on the exact aim.
  • Limited mobility and vulnerability to flankers.


  • Prioritize mending critical targets, particularly those in critical condition.
  • Strategically use Biotic Grenade to tip team fights in your favor.
  • When using Nano Boost for coordinated plays, communicate with your teammates.

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2. Baptiste – The Combat Medic:

With an immortality field and a burst-healing primary fire, Baptiste offers powerful AoE healing and utility. His Amplification Matrix ultimately can swing the tide of team fights by temporarily increasing damage and healing.


  • Immortality Field guards against team wipes caused by powerful enemy ultimates.
  • Burst healing with the secondary fire of the Biotic Launcher.
  • The Amplification Matrix increases both healing and damage in a specific region.


  • For optimum impact, teammates must stay within the region of effect.
  • Immortality Field is only active for a limited time and can be targeted by opponents.


  • To counter opposing ultimates, use the Time Immortality Field intelligently.
  • Create windows of opportunity for your team by using the Amplification Matrix.
  • With the secondary firing of the Biotic Launcher, prioritize healing comrades.

3. Mercy – The Guardian Angel: 

Mercy’s single-target healing and damage boost make her a support lineup fixture. Her mobility with Guardian Angel lets her smoothly navigate the battlefield, ensuring that no ally is left behind. The Valkyrie ultimately boosts her healing and damage-dealing powers, making her a formidable opponent.


  • The Caduceus Staff provides consistent single-target healing.
  • Damage boost increases the team’s damage output.
  • Guardian Angel’s mobility allows for quick repositioning.
  • Valkyrie’s ultimate boosts healing and damage-dealing abilities significantly.


  • In comparison to other supports, AoE healing is limited.
  • During Valkyrie, her movement becomes predictable, making her vulnerable.


  • Prioritize repairing critical teammates, but don’t underestimate the importance of damage boost.
  • Use Guardian Angel to avoid danger and communicate with faraway teammates.
  • Valkyrie should be saved for key team fights or to counter opposing ultimates.

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Kiriko stands out among the Overwatch 2 support heroes, combining traditional ninja mobility with significant healing skills. Her diverse ability set enables her to perform a variety of support roles, giving her a versatile choice for teams looking for a well-rounded healer.


  • Versatile Healing
  • Teleportation Mastery
  • Cleanse Ability
  • Skillful Kunai Attacks


  • Skill-Dependent Offense
  • Limited Burst Healing
  • Vulnerability During Abilities

4. Zenyatta:  

Zenyatta excels at both healing and damage production at the same time. His Orb of Discord increases damage dealt to a target, while his Transcendence ultimate heals teammates during hard team fights. Zenyatta’s distinct playstyle necessitates a fine mix of offensive and defense.


  • Discord Orb increases the damage done to a specific adversary.
  • During team combat, Transcendence delivers unrivaled healing.
  • Can help with damage output while healing.


  • Low movement makes you vulnerable to flankers.
  • For optimal effectiveness, relies on accurate targeting.


  • To improve team focus, prioritize Discord Orb on crucial enemy targets.
  • Transcendence should only be used to fight powerful enemy ultimates.
  • Strive for a happy medium between healing and contributing to damage output.

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5. Illari:

In Overwatch 2’s diverse roster, Illari stands out as a support hero with a compelling blend of healing prowess and sharpshooting abilities.

Her toolbox not only heals wounds but also deals significant damage, giving her an appealing option for players looking for a dynamic support experience.


  • Dual Healing Mechanisms
  • High Burst Healing Potential
  • Versatile Long-Range Damage
  • Pylon has an infinite healing potential


  • Charge-Up Period for Damage
  • Resource Management
  • Vulnerability During Offensive Ultimates

6. Lucio:

Lucio is a mobile support hero thanks to his speed increase and area-of-effect healing. His Sound Barrier ultimate provides a strong barrier for the entire team, preventing potentially game-changing opposing ultimates. Lucio’s ability to traverse walls gives him an added layer of mobility.


  • The speed boost improves team mobility.
  • Crossfade’s area-of-effect healing provides consistent assistance.
  • Sound Barrier provides a strong team-wide shield.


  • Burst healing is limited in comparison to other supports.
  • Healing and speed increase require line of sight.

7. Brigitte: 

Brigitte emerges as a support hero in Overwatch 2 who seamlessly combines offense with healing prowess, creating a unique playstyle that caters to specific situations. While her toolkit excels in close-quarters engagements, Brigitte’s effectiveness is closely tied to the nature of the battlefield.


  • Versatile Defense with Shield
  • Healing Packs for Sustained Recovery
  • Area Healing Through Damage
  • Close-Quarters Brawling


  • Struggles with Long-Range Engagement
  • Reliance on Team Coordination
  • Limited Burst Healing

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8. Lifeweaver:

Lifeweaver emerges as a support hero with a comprehensive arsenal, embodying a utility-driven playstyle in Overwatch 2.  However, Lifeweaver’s versatility can be a double-edged sword, since her range of powers comes at the expense of not excelling in any specific subject.


  • Versatile Mobility with Dash
  • Team Elevation with Petal Platform
  • Life Grip for Tactical Rescues
  • Potent Ultimate on Contested Objectives


  • Limited Healing Outside Ultimate
  • Machine Gun Limited by Range
  • Bloated Kit, Limited Dynamism

9. Moira:

Moira is a beacon for novices heading into the complicated world of support roles in Overwatch 2. However, beneath the approachable exterior is a hero with specific strengths and limits that shape her role on the battlefield.


  • New Player-Friendly Design
  • High Healing Ceiling
  • No Reload Requirement for Damage Output


  • Limited Support Abilities
  • Resource-Driven Healing
  • In Close-Range Combat, there is a Vulnerability

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