Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List

Welcome to the most recent update to the Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List, fellow heroes! it’s time to examine the potential power dynamics among our tank characters. 


Tanks play an important role in influencing battle outcomes, and recognizing their strengths and shortcomings is critical to victory. Let’s take a look at the Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List and see who will be leading the charge in the forthcoming clashes. 


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What Exactly is The Tank Tier List in Overwatch 2?


The Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List is a detailed ranking system for tank heroes in the game. Tanks are the warriors on the front lines, taking damage and making room for their friends. 


Tanks are classified according to their overall performance, survivability, utility, and synergy with other heroes in the tier list. Remember that the meta might vary, therefore the tier list may alter as the game progresses.

Tank Tier List

F Tier


In Season 7 of Overwatch 2, Roadhog fights in the F tier, with low win and pick rates despite his powerful hook. Roadhog, hampered by vulnerabilities and lacking in variety, awaiting a potential rework to escape the F tier. The community awaits Roadhog’s triumphant return in future upgrades with bated breath.


D Tier

Wrecking Ball: 

Wrecking The ball falls to the D tier, which is heavily dependent on player talent. Despite a recent buff, he suffers in less structured environments.

The impending Sombra overhaul raises the stakes, making Ball a risky selection unless you’re a dedicated one-trick player. Players must tread carefully in the ever-changing meta.


C Tier


Reinhardt maintains his C-tier status in Overwatch 2, thriving as the Brawl Comp King in Symmetra and Bastion setups. Despite competition from other tanks, Reinhardt’s high-skill kit provides opportunities for victory, particularly in the lower and medium ranks. He is a space-claiming monster who contributes to victory in the growing Overwatch 2 battles.



Winston shines in C tier on maps such as Dorado and Gibraltar, commanding high ground with disruptive finesse. His success is dependent on effective team cooperation. Winston works well alongside dive-oriented teammates like Genji and Sombra, taking advantage of their mobility and burst damage for aggressive plays. 


Winston suffers against fortified bunkers without a well-coordinated crew. Winston is a formidable force in Overwatch 2’s dynamic battlefield when partnered with the right partners for aerial supremacy.


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B Tier


Zarya experiences difficulties at the B tier as a result of recent bubble mechanics adjustments that have increased her reliance on teamwork. This is a big challenge, particularly in lower and medium ranks where coordination is often poor. 


The reduction in bubble size has a further influence on her energy supplies, making her effectiveness in Overwatch 2 a delicate combination of individual talent and team teamwork.



Doomfist enters Season 7’s B tier, aided by significant modifications to his Slam and block mechanics. Doomfist, unlike Wrecking Ball, excels against Sombra if she does not use her Hack ability. Doomfist is a versatile pick for players looking to make a solo impression on Season 7’s dynamic battlefield, with significant disruption and burst damage.



D.Va holds strong in Season 7’s B tier, benefiting from Zarya’s reverted benefits. She excels at dive maps, leading battles by focusing on dive targets and quickly moving herself to protect her backline. 


D.Va’s flexibility and dive competence make her a good pick for dive comp fans, cementing her place as a crucial role in Overwatch 2’s dynamic environment.


A Tier


Ramattra succeeds in the A tier due to his outstanding adaptability. His Nemesis Form’s cooldown reduction allows for seamless transitions between defense and assault, transforming him into a dynamic powerhouse. 


His Omnic Form specializes in destroying opposing bunkers, assuring efficacy at all engagement ranges. Ramattra is the archetypal ‘all-rounder,’ offering tank players a dependable and flexible hero for Season 7’s numerous challenges in Overwatch 2.

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S Tier


Orisa retains her S-tier classification from Season 6, and she is still going strong in Season 7. Her Fortify ability’s tiny 5% damage reduction has little effect on her impact. 


Orisa, who is crucial in opposing Ramattra’s Nemesis Form, is a significant player in a meta that is expected to see more Ramattra choices. Her constant dominance makes her a must-have in your Overwatch 2 hero roster for Season 7.


Junker Queen:

Junker Queen maintains her S-tier rank by taking advantage of competition nerfs and the increased popularity of the tanks she counters. 


Her unrivaled healing outperforms both Sigma and Ramattra, while her improved Shotgun and Knife damage add strong poke capabilities. A versatile Season 7 pick, especially for tank mains looking for a solo carry playstyle in Overwatch 2’s shifting meta.



In Season 7, Sigma emerges as a breakout star, as shown in the Overwatch League Playoffs. Sigma is good at managing incoming damage surges and is versatile against Orisa, excelling in brawl and poke metas. 


His Accretion power works well against Ramattra’s Nemesis Form. While requiring more mechanical talent, Sigma’s impact and adaptability in Season 7 make mastering him a worthwhile investment for Overwatch 2 tank players.


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As Overwatch 2 approaches, the Tank Tier List offers a glimpse into the prospective meta that will influence the game’s competitive landscape. Remember that the effectiveness of tanks is dependent on collaboration, communication, and the changing situation of the game. 


Whether you like the steadfast Reinhardt or the nimble D.Va, mastering your chosen tank hero will be critical for success in Overwatch 2. Stay tuned for developments, and may your shields remain unbroken on the battlefield, heroes!

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