Pet Rift Script

Pet Rift is a captivating virtual pet game available on the popular Roblox platform. Created by Rift Studio in 2022, it allows players to collect, train, and trade a wide variety of virtual pets, each possessing its own distinct traits and abilities.

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As players explore diverse locations and complete quests, they earn rewards to acquire new pets and enhance their abilities. Pet Rift offers a captivating experience with its engaging gameplay, pet battles, and the option to unlock unique pet skills.

However, if you are on the lookout for script to enhance and elevate your gameplay to the next level, we have good news for you.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of active and working Pet Rift Script that will help level up your gameplay experience by unlocking features like Auto farm, walk speed, auto hatch and more. Without further delay, let’s get started on the Pet Rift Script.

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Pet Rift Script

_G.Webhook = {
    [1] = false,
    [2] = "WEBHOOK HERE"



Features of the Pet Rift Script

  • Auto Farm
  • Auto Hatch Egg
  • Walk Speed
  • Jump and Fly Gravity
  • Auto Attack
  • Auto Buy
  • And More!

How To Execute the Pet Rift Script

  • To begin, copy the Roblox Roblox Pet Rift Script Code provided in this article.
  • Open your Roblox Pet Rift Game and start playing.
  • Next, launch a reliable Roblox executor.
  • Attach the Roblox executor to the game.
  • Paste the copied script into the designated box within the Executor.
  • Click on the Execute button to run the Pet Rift Script and enjoy your game.

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The Pet Rift Script is a valuable resource for players of the popular Roblox game, Pet Rift. This script enhances the gaming experience by providing various features such as Auto Farm, Auto Hatch, and more.

By following the instructions and using a Roblox executor, players can unlock the full benefits of the script and simplify their gameplay experience.

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