Roblox Blade Simulator Gift Codes

I used to struggle to keep up in Blade Simulator until I discovered Blade Simulator codes. By redeeming these gift codes, you’re seriously boosting your gaming experience.

I felt the difference firsthand, that extra edge that turns battles into triumphs. However, It’s not just playing, it’s an adventure where you become unstoppable with the free reward. You’ll find yourself outrunning challenges like never before.

That said,

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List of Active Codes

  • update28 – 10 Minutes of Boosts
  • angelpet – 10 Minutes of Boosts
  • enchantedforest – 10 Minutes of Boosts
  • 4m – 10 Minutes of Boosts
  • 10000likes – 1 Hour of Boosts
  • 5000likes – 1 Hour of Boosts
  • 2000likes – 1 Hour of Boosts
  • 500likes – 10 Minutes of Boosts
  • update5 – 50,000 Gold
  • update4 – 40,000 Gold
  • goldenninja50 – 10,000 Gold
  • russo – 10,000 Gold
  • gravy – 10,000 Gold
  • razor – 10,000 Gold
  • snuglife – 10,000 Gold
  • flamingo – 10,000 Gold
  • update1 – 10,000 Gold

Where To Find More Codes?

The first place is Twitter. Forging Entertainment shares exclusive codes, announcements, and sneak peeks right there. So, follow Forging Entertainment on Twitter, and you will be in the circle.

Your timeline transforms into a portal of possibilities, where every tweet may carry the code that unlocks your next gaming triumph.

You can also explore the official Blade Simulator Discord server. It’s a community buzzing with fellow adventurers, discussing tactics, sharing insights, and, most importantly, revealing the latest Gift Codes.

However, joining the Discord server isn’t about getting codes, it’s about having a round table with your gaming mates. You’ll get news straight from the developers, chat with other players, and maybe even discover strategies that redefine your gaming approach.

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How To Redeem The Codes?

1. Start Blade Simulator Game

  • First of all, launch the Blade Simulator on your device.

2. Navigate To Settings

  • Find the Settings button on the side of your screen.
  • It resembles a little gear icon.
  • Click on it, and you’ll open up the menu.

3. Copy Code

  • Copy a code from our list.
  • Make sure there are no typos.

4. Enter The Code

  • Head back to the game, and find the text box.
  • Paste the code you copied right into that box.

5. Hit Redeem

  • After entering the code correctly, click the Redeem button to claim your free rewards.

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