Roblox Push Simulator Script 

In this post, I will share with you some of the working push simulator Pastebin scripts that you can activate in 2023.

Push Simulator is a game where you focus on getting strong, and you do that by lifting weights and building up your muscles. When you think you’re strong enough, you’ll have a showdown with another player.

Here, your mission is to give them a powerful push and try to make them fall off a platform. It is a fun test of who’s stronger. However, the Push simulator script automatically does the whole work for you with its fantastic features.These functions help you triumph in any tie no matter how strong your opponent is.

Let’s get started.

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Features Of Push Simulator Script

Auto Click

The Auto Click feature automates your clicks.

Wins Farm

The Wins Farm feature does the heavy lifting for you, racking up your wins without you even needing to lift a thing.

Auto Hatch 300T

This awesome addition automatically hatches eggs up to 300 trillion, saving you time and effort.

Auto Upgrade

Upgrades are cool, but manually getting them can be a drag. Auto Upgrade is your personal upgrade assistant, ensuring you always have the latest and greatest boosts.

Auto Collect

Auto Collect grabs those bonuses for you.

Unlock All Worlds

With this feature, all the worlds are at your fingertips.

Auto Train

Training your muscles is important, but it can get repetitive. Auto Train keeps your muscles in tip-top shape, so you do not have to hit the gym.

Auto Push

Auto Push makes sure you’re always at your strongest during these battles.

Auto Rebirth

Rebirthing is a strategic move, but now it’s even smarter with Auto Rebirth. It handles the rebirthing process for you.

Claim Gifts

With this feature, claiming gifts becomes easy, so you never miss out on those sweet rewards. If you ask me, the Push Simulator Script has fantastic features.

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Roblox Push Simulator Script 

Script: 1


Script: 2


Script: 3


Script: 4

while wait() do
a = game.Players:GetPlayers()
for i =2,#a do v=a[i]
game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character["Local Ragdoll"].Disabled = true --ik i can do characteradded eat shit
game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = v.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame*,0,2)

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How To Activate Push Simulator Script On Roblox

Step 1. Copy The Script

Don’t worry, you won’t have to write a single line of code, just copy any of the scripts listed above.

Step 2. Launch Push Simulator

Open up your Push Simulator game.

Step 3. Roblox Executor

You’ll need a Roblox executor to run the script, and there are a few good ones to choose from, like Krnl Executor, JJ Spoilt Executor, Arceus X Executor, Valyse Executor, and Fluxus Executor.

Step 4. Paste The Copied Script

Once you’ve got your executor ready, paste the script you copied earlier.

Step 5. Attach And Execute

Attach the script to your game. In this step, you’re plugging in your script to the game so they can work together. Then hit the execute button. And that’s it. You’ve successfully activated the Push Simulator Script. I believe your game will improve with all those awesome features.

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