SSSnaker Tier List

SSSnaker is a smartphone game created by Habby in which players control a snake to expand and fight foes in a bullet hell rogue-lite shooter. The free game has many snakes, talents, and badges to collect and upgrade.

SSSnaker consists of active and passive skills. Ice is considered the best due to its ability to freeze adversaries, giving players more time to act. Furthermore, ice transforms into Ice Field, then Ice Pillar, and finally Freeze Pillar, the most devastating version of Ice Talent.

SSSnaker is an excellent game to play. Unlock Battle Royale games; they are relatively tranquil but exciting in a way. Players enjoy completing each stage and level before moving on to the next, and completing this guide as quickly as possible allows them to explore more of the game.

Do you need help with your SSSnaker skills? Do you feel like you need to attain your full potential? This thorough SSSnaker Best Skills & tier list guide will reveal the top-tier talents that will help you become an unstoppable force in the SSSnaker arena.

The SSSnaker Tier List is crucial data since it provides a basic concept of selecting the greatest talents from the options, as each decision impacts future gameplay. Here is a list of the top SSNAKER Skills, graded from best to worst based on talents and priorities.

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Best Snakes

SSSnaker has a variety of snakes, each with its own set of powers. Some of the best snakes are:

  • Drill Buster: This snake uses a drill strike that can puncture foes. It also possesses a plant ability that can heal the snake.
  • Ice Queen: This snake can freeze foes in place using its icy breath. It also possesses a shield ability, which protects the snake from harm.
  • Lightning Bolt: This snake can fire lightning bolts that can simultaneously hit numerous foes. It also possesses a speed increase ability, which allows the snake to dodge assaults.
  • Fire Dragon: This snake can breathe fire, damaging adversaries across a broad area. It also has a rage ability, which increases the snake’s damage output.
  • Plant Lord: This serpent can conjure plants to assault foes. It also has therapeutic properties that can help the snake and its plants.

Best Skills

Other talents are also available in Sneaker, each with its distinct effects. Some of the best skills are:

  • Fire Line: This skill creates a line of fire that can harm foes.
  • Ice Field: This skill generates an ice field that slows foes down.
  • Piercing Shot: This talent fires a penetrating shot that can penetrate numerous foes.
  • Circle Turret: This talent builds a turret that shoots foes.
  • Ricochet Shot: This skill fires a ricocheting shot that can bounce off walls and strike numerous foes.

Best Badges

Badges are passive abilities that can be equipped on the snake. Some of the best badges are:

  • Damage Up: This badge boosts the snake’s damage output.
  • Health Up: This badge improves the snake’s health.
  • Speed Up: This badge improves the snake’s speed.
  • Critical likelihood Up: This badge enhances the possibility that the snake’s attacks will cause critical damage.
  • Critical Damage Up: This badge improves the snake’s critical damage.

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Gear Tier List

The gear tier list for Sneaker is as follows:

1. S Tier:

  • Crown of Honour: This gear boosts the snake’s damage and critical chance.
  • Blessing of the Gods: This item boosts the snake’s health and speed.
  • Talisman of Protection: This gear decreases the snake’s damage.
  • Ring of Might: This item boosts the snake’s attack speed.
  • Amulet of Luck: This gear improves the likelihood that the snake’s attacks will deal critical damage.
  • Crown of Wisdom The Crown of Wisdom gear boosts the snake’s skill damage output.
  • Blessing of the Wild: This gear boosts the snake’s strike range and piercing power.
  • Talisman of Vitality: This gear boosts the snake’s health regeneration rate.
  • Ring of Speed: This gear boosts the snake’s movement speed even further.
  • Amulet of Fortune: The Amulet of Fortune boosts the snake’s chances of locating better riches.

2. B Tier

  • Crown of Life: This gear boosts the snake’s health.
  • Blessing of the Elements: This gear makes the serpent more resistant to elemental damage.
  • Talisman of Protection II: This item lessens the snake’s damage.
  • Ring of Might II: This gear further boosts the snake’s attack speed.
  • Amulet of Luck II: This item boosts the snake’s ability to deal with critical damage further.

3. C Tier:

Other gears not specified before.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for playing SSnaker: Use your skills carefully. Each skill has its distinct effect, so use them to your advantage.

  • Improve your snake and talents. This will increase their strength and effectiveness.
  • Collect badges. Badges can grant your snake passive skills, which can be extremely beneficial.
  • Be patient. SSSnaker is a difficult game, so don’t get disheartened if you don’t win every round. Just keep practicing, and you’ll ultimately improve.

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Final Words

SSSnaker is a fun and challenging game for gamers of all skill levels. Following the tips and methods in this post will increase your chances of winning and make the game more enjoyable. We hope you found this post helpful.

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