The Awakening of Fate Tier List

All of the characters currently active in the Battle of Fate mode of the game are listed in this guide, along with their current strength rankings. We’ll add new characters to this list and rate them as they are released. We have looked into this information to provide the best and accurate list to help you decide who to use on your team.

At first, the game may be challenging for novice players. Still, with the help of Battle of Fate Awakening Codes, they can progress quickly and enjoy the experience more.

Therefore, to succeed, you must carefully and strategically select your team. This Fate  Awakening of a fate tier list will make it simple for you to choose the top agents for your group.

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The Awakening of fate tier list

Below, we have ranked every character in the game that is currently playable, going from strongest to weakest. If you’re new to the game and want to get a head start, this list will assist you in selecting the finest agents for your squad.

1. S Tier

Tier S is the rank that comes with the strongest heroes. They hold the best skills and abilities, and if you decide to upgrade one of them, you won’t fail under any circumstances. These characters all possess outstanding skills, are easy to combine with the squad, and all have powerful and powerful skills.

  • Chrom
  • Lucina
  • Tiki
  • Gregor

2. A tier

Tier A will include characters with good basic stats and can deal a large enough amount of damage. Even though tier A characters aren’t the best, they’re still great choices for any squad.

  • Lissa
  • Stahl
  • Lon’q
  • Virion
  • Sumia
  • Libra
  • Cherche
  • Olivia
  • Flavio
  • Basilio
  • Inigo
  • Owain
  • Brady
  • Noir
  • Cynthia

3.B Tier

Tier B characters can be easily found in the game. Although not the best characters, they will be very useful to you in the starting phase. Tier B characters are weaker than S or A tier characters for one reason or another. This is because they primarily act as support characters and rely heavily on resources to level up.

  • Say’ri
  • Robin (both)
  • Frederick
  • Emmeryn
  • Gaius
  • Maribelle
  • Vaike
  • Donnel
  • Laurent
  • Miriel
  • Ricken(The greatest character in the meta right now)

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4. C Tier

The strength of tier C characters is only average and useful for the early stages of the game. While they may not excel in damage output, they make up for it with crowd control, healing, or buffing abilities.

  • Crown Prince
  • Hunter
  • Pandora
  • Betty
  • Butterfly
  • Boysen
  • Friday
  • Yidi
  • Roca

5. D Tier

By considering all the above ranks, these can be called the weakest ranks, but we are not saying that they are not useful. They are used in our game and would be ideal to use in your game as a beginner with a little effort. Because they don’t have much power, only average skill.

  • Ushas
  • APTX
  • Mephisto
  • Zheng
  • Amy
  • Orangey
  • Noodles
  • Josie
  • Cheep
  • Candice
  • Annie
  • Kevin
  • Shadow
  • Break
  • AT-007
  • Inutaro
  • Dabai
  • Inter
  • Rootspider

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Final Words

You take on the role of a detective in the video game Fate Goddess Awakening, tasked with visiting parallel universes and recruiting operatives to assist you in preventing the end of the world. Each of these agents is unique and endowed with great strength. Use the tier list provided about to build your own team.

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