The Official Avarta Rogue Benders Trello And Discord Links

Avatar: Rogue Benders is a Roblox fighting game where players master elemental bending techniques, use special moves, battle diverse non-player characters (NPCs), and accumulate Yuanz currency to enhance their character’s abilities.

However, to learn more about the features of the game, I urge you to visit the official Avarta Rogue Benders Trello. This link directs you to the Trello board where you will find every about the game from basic to advanced.



Avarta Rogue Benders Trello

This Trello board contains essential details about different elements of the game, including its setting, characters, gameplay mechanics, and items.

Game Location And Cities

The Trello outlines the diverse locations and cities within the game, offering insights into their unique characteristics, landmarks, and significance to the gameplay experience.

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Nation And Organization

It provides an overview of the nations and organizations existing within the game, explaining their roles, ideologies, and relationships with other factions.

Bending And Fighting Styles

Detailed descriptions of bending abilities and fighting techniques available to players are drafted, including their strengths, weaknesses, and strategic applications in combat scenarios.

Family And Traits

Players can explore the familial backgrounds and unique traits of various in-game characters, which contribute to the richness of the narrative and character development.


A catalog of weapons accessible within the game, ranging from hammers to hookswords, is documented, along with information regarding their attributes and utility in battle.


The Trello board lists the diverse quests and missions available to players, each offering unique challenges, rewards, and opportunities for progression within the game.

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Armors And Accessories

Players can peruse a collection of armor and accessories designed to enhance their characters’ defenses, mobility, and overall combat prowess, with detailed specifications provided for each item.

NPCs And Items

A comprehensive list of non-player characters (NPCs) populating the game, along with a vast array of items and consumables, is presented, allowing players interactions and resource management throughout their adventure.

In addition, you can also find the link to join the game’s official Discord server.

Avarta Rogue Benders Discord Server

The Avarta Benders Discord server is an online community where players of the game Avarta can connect with others who share their interests.

Within this platform, members engage in various activities related to the game, including discussions, sharing tips, asking questions, and staying updated on new developments.

One of the best parts of this community is the frequent distribution of Avarta Benders gift codes by the game developers, enhancing players’ gaming experience.

You can also have access to a network of fellow players, valuable information, and opportunities to improve your gameplay, by joining the Avarta Benders Discord server.

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