Tower of God: New World Best Team

Mastering colors is essential when putting together the best team In Tower of God: New World. Characters are classified as Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, or Purple.

And combining these colors strategically is important. Yellow/Purple teams excel in progression, with their penalties rejected when outnumbering opposing colors. Yellow characters deal damage, while Purple ones provide utility.

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Tower of God: New World Best Team

Team 1 (Yellow)

  • Main DPS: Yihwa Yeon
  • Healer: Evan
  • Support: Bam
  • Stall Tank: Vespa

Team 1 is composed of Yellow characters, and is designed for maximum damage and utility. Yihwa Yeon is the primary damage dealer, unleashing powerful attacks to take down opponents.

Evan takes on the role of healer who makes sure of the team’s longevity in battles by restoring health. Bam provides essential support, offering buffs and assistance to enhance the team’s effectiveness.

Vespa acts as the stall tank, and he absorbs damage and controls enemy aggression to protect the team. This combination creates a formidable force capable of overcoming various challenges within the Tower of God: New World.

Team 2 (Green/Red)

  • Main DPS: Zahard
  • Healer: Evankhell
  • Support: Xia Xia

Team 2 features a combination of Green and Red characters. Zahard utilizes his tough combat skills to deal significant damage to opponents while Evankhell provides essential support by replenishing the team’s health and ensuring their continuation in fights.

Finally, Xia Xia delivers strategic assistance to the team through various means such as crowd control, buffs, or debuffs to aid in combat.

Together, this trio forms a cohesive unit capable of tackling challenges within the Tower of God, leveraging their strengths to overcome obstacles and emerge victorious in their endeavors.

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Team 3 (Purple)

  • Main DPS: Hoaqin
  • Healer: Kiseia
  • Support: Khun Aguero
  • Stall Tank: Karaka

In Team 3 of “Tower of God: New World Best Team,” Purple characters take the lead. Hoaqin is the main DPS (Damage Per Second), dealing significant damage to enemies.

Kiseia ensures the team’s sustainability by restoring health. Khun Aguero fulfills the support role, assisting with buffs, debuffs, or crowd control. Also, Karaka absorbs damage and holds off opponents while the rest of the team executes their strategies.

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Team 4 (Blue/Green)

  • Main DPS: Khun Ran
  • Support: Ler Ro
  • Stall Tank: Khun Mascheny

Team 4 comprises Blue and Green characters. Khun Ran delivers significant damage to enemies, and Ler Ro offers to boost their capabilities. Khun Mascheny keeps enemies occupied while the team performs its approach.

This combination of characters aims to balance offense and defense, ensuring the team can tackle various challenges within the Tower of God: New World effectively.

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