Type Soul Rank Up Guide

Persistence becomes your most powerful companion as you strive to elevate your character to the desired Arrancar status, mirroring Ichigo’s unwavering dedication to power.

Achieving the Espada level of power is no easy task; it requires dedication to sharpening your skills, mastering abilities, and overcoming obstacles.

If you want to climb the ranks in Type Soul, a Roblox RPG inspired by the immersing world of Bleach, your journey will serve as Ichigo’s quest for strength.

Just as Ichigo dedicated himself to constant improvement, your path to success in the game necessitates consistent time and effort.

Your progression in Type Soul is based on a step-by-step progression, similar to Ichigo’s in the anime. Every battle, quest, and training session adds to your overall development, paving the way for your ascension to Espada-tier dominance.

So, embrace the grind, stay committed, and watch as your character evolves into a force to be reckoned with in Type Soul’s immersive universe.

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Ranking Up in Type Soul (Explained)

Like any other Roblox RPG, the key to advancement in the vast world of Type Soul is accumulating experience points (EXP).

Unlike normal leveling systems, your advancement is marked by the rise through Grades, beginning with Grade 5 and culminating in the prestigious Elite Grade.

However, even achieving the initial Grade 5 status demands a significant amount of dedication, particularly for players embarking on the difficult journey of a Hollow in the game.

How To Increase Ranking in Type Soul

Let’s look at the various progression paths of each race in Type Soul, focusing on the requirements for reaching Grade 5. Each race, including Soul Reapers, Hollows, and Quincies, has its growth path within the game.

Achieving Grade 5, the highest level of advancement requires completing a unique set of requirements for each race. These conditions serve as checkpoints on the player’s journey through the complexities of the Type Soul universe.

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Soul Reapers Rank up

  • When you must have become a lost soul after dying, then you will look for Kisuke or Shinigami the reason for searching for these two is for purification. That is how you will become a Soul Reaper
  • You will need to formally get some allies whom you will need to associate with and the reason is that you will complete the Missions and get to Grade 5.
  • Don’t stop involving yourself in missions because that will be your gate pass to reach Grade 3. In the process of completing missions, you will also need to earn Divison EXP and also Shikai EXP. Note that you will need to get a Shikai to rank higher in Grade 2.
  • Defeating Shikai is a life-changing experience that grants players access to previously untapped skills and powers and then the journey to Semi Grade 1 begins.
  • During this stage of progression, it is critical for players to engage in all available activities, diligently accumulating Division, Mission, Shikai, Grip, and Raid EXP. This multifaceted approach is required to obtain the coveted Elite Grade in the game.

Hollow Rank up

  • The Path of the Hollow starts with a seemingly simple action: pressing CTRL + K while in Lost Soul form quickly transforms the player into one of the formidable Hollows.
  • When you start your journey, your main goal is to find other Hollows and engage in battles to absorb their essence and gain valuable experience points (EXP). Become a formidable Menos, then further into the formidable Adjuchas, and finally reach the pinnacle as a Vastolorde.
  • When you achieve the Menos form, a watershed moment in your evolutionary journey occurs. A transformative choice emerges at this point, sealed by the option to press CTRL + K once more, an action that results in the forceful removal of your Hollow mask, encouraging you into the coveted realm of the Arrancar.
  • Every player begins their journey in the respected realm of Arrancars with the initial designation of Grade 5. However, for you to get to Semi-Grade 1 you will need to acquire Mission EXP.
  • After achieving Semi-Grade 1 as an Arrancar, players must gain Raid EXP, Grip EXP, and Mission EXP to advance to the prestigious Elite Grade.

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Quincy Rank up

  • The first step in becoming a Quincy is becoming a Lost Soul and passing through the Wanden gate in Karakura Town. After that, players can interact with a statue holding a radiant sword, triggering the transformation into a Quincy.
  • You will need to form associates to complete missions. That so doing you will achieve more EXP and level up your Grades from 5-1.
  • To advance from Semi-Grade 1 to Elite Grade, players must gain more Raid EXP, Grip EXP, and Hollow NPC kills.

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Each race in Type Soul has its progression path, presenting unique gameplay experiences that cater to a variety of playstyles.

This comprehensive overview ensures that players can explore and appreciate the nuances of each race’s journey and abilities within the game. Enjoy your game!

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