Ultimate Pirate Ship Gift Codes

The Ultimate Pirate Ship is an awesome new game on Android where you get to be a pirate. Pick your pirate from a bunch of choices, learn some skills to pull off moves, do fun stuff to get lots of rewards, and get ready for some serious battles against big bosses and other players.

Your goal is to rule the seas, put together a super-strong crew, and be the top pirate captain in the Ultimate Pirate Ship. With Ultimate Pirate Ship codes, you can achieve all of these In no time. In this guide, I will share with you these codes, they are still active. And you will learn where to find more, and how to redeem them. Let’s dive In.

All Active Ultimate Pirate Ship Gift Codes

  • EpicSummon66
  • EpicSummon88
  • q5v37uxuud
  • 74tvp3prkq (VIP12)

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Where To Find The Active Codes?

First off, hit the follow button on the official Twitter, Instagram, and Discord accounts. The game developers release fresh codes there pretty often. Follow them, keep your eyes peeled, and you will come across a code that unlocks some epic loot for your ship.

Also, the in-game events and promotions. When the game throws an event, there’s a good chance they’re handing out codes. These are prime times to score some extra goodies. So, participate in those events too to get exclusive codes.

How To Redeem The Gift Codes?

1. Start Ultimate Pirate Ship Game

Open up the game on your Android device.

2. Click The “Benefits” Option

Look for the ‘Benefits’ section. Then Click it.

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3. Select The “Redeem Codes” Option

Inside ‘Benefits,’ find the ‘Redeem Codes’ option.

4. Enter The Code

Type in the code you’ve got.

5. Head Over To The Mailbox Option

Go to the ‘Mailbox’. The game will send your rewards there.

6. Claim Your Rewards

If your rewards have arrived, hit ‘Claim’ to have your free rewards.

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