Top Notch Evolution Chart For Vampire Survivors

This guide provides you with a Vampire Survivors Evolution chart In 2024, and these Include:

  • Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolutions chart
  • Vampire Survivors Evolution Chart DLC

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Evolution in the game is a boost for your weapon. It takes a regular weapon and turns it into a stronger, evolved version, using a special item. When you combine two weapons, it’s called a Union.

And if you meet certain conditions, you can get a Gift, which is a bonus weapon or item. The evolved weapons keep most of the original weapon’s stats but come with extra effects.

For example, if you have an Area-of-Effect weapon, it may get a bonus for a larger area. Some developed weapons also change the base damage because they behave differently.

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United weapons are similar to evolved ones, but instead of having two separate weapons, they merge into one. This frees up a weapon slot for something else. However, let’s get to the full gist.

Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolutions Chart

Axe + CandelabradorDeath Spiral
Bracelet / Bi-bracelet / Tri-bracelet-
Cross + CloverHeaven Sword
Fire Wand + SpinachHellfire
Flames of Misspell + Torrona’s BoxAshes of Musspell
Gatti Amari + Stone MaskVicious Hunger
Garlic + PummarolaSoul Eater
King Bible + SpellbinderUnholy Vespers
Knife + BracerThousand Edge
Laurel + Metaglio Left/RightCrimson Shroud
Lightning Ring + DuplicatorThunder Loop
Magic Wand + Empty TomeHoly Wand
Peachone + Ebony WingsVandalier
Pentagram + CrownGorgeous Moon
Phiera der tuphello / Eight the sparrow + TiragisuPhieraggi
Runetracer + ArmorNo Future
Santa Water + AttractorLa Borra
Shadow Pinion + WingsValkyrie Turner
Song of Mana + Skull o’maniacMannajja
Vento Sacro + Bloody TearFuwalafuwaloo
Victory Sword + Torrona’s BoxSole Solution
Whip + Hollow HeartBloody Tear

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Vampire Survivors Evolution Chart DLC

Mille Bolle Blu + SpellbinderBoo Roo Boolle
Summon Night + DuplicatorEcho Night
Silver Wind + PummarolaFestive Winds
Four Seasons + Spinach/CandelabradorGodai Shuffle
Mirage Robe + AttractorJ’odore
Night Sword + Stone MaskMuramasa

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