What Are Moon Cycles In Blox Fruits?

Most new players have been wondering what Is Moon phases In Blox Fruits. In this guide, I will share with you everything you need to know about the moon cycles Including:

  • The full moon In Blox Fruits
  • And how you can find the full moon In the game.

Let’s dive In.

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Understanding Moon Cycles In Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits isn’t just about sailing the high seas and battling formidable foes, it’s got a ton of mechanics In the game too. The moon is different from what you see gazing up at the real night sky.

In Blox Fruits, a day lasts a mere 10 minutes, 5 minutes of sunlight, and 5 minutes of darkness. That’s your basic Blox Fruits day-night cycle.

However, the whole cycle restarts every 80 minutes. Blox Fruits has its moon calendar. The moon changes its face every day and night, going through a speedy two-phase makeover in 24 hours.

If you are into the game right after a Full Moon, you need to be prepared because you may be waiting for up to 80 minutes. Waiting is part of the game.

There’s this notification in the chat that shouts, “Hey, the Full Moon is here” or “The Full Moon is out of here”. That is when it rises and sets. Just keep an eye on that chat box because it’s the alarm clock.

Waiting for the full moon to show up matters, if you’re after some in-game skills like Race Awakening or want to dive into the Soul Guitar puzzle, you best be doing it under the full moon.

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How To Find Full Moon In Blox Fruits?

The Full Moon is a special event that occurs in all seas. Right now, it’s only used for getting the Soul Guitar and Race Awakening, which can only happen in the 3rd Sea.

When you first join a server during the day, you can either ask in chat or lower your graphics quality to 1. Then, go up high in the air until the ground disappears, and you can check if it’s a full moon by looking at the moon.

If it’s not a full moon when you first join, here are some tips on how to find one. If you’re searching for the Full Moon, you can try seeing it during the day by adjusting your graphic settings to the minimum and jumping into the sky to make the land underneath disappear.

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