What Is Tackle In Stardew Valley?

I have a passion for fishing In Stardew Valley and it’s not about making more in-game money or getting extra germs. Fishing brings a dose of fun to my gaming adventure.

When I’m out there with my fishing rod, the views of Pelican Town or Ginger Island make it even better. However, In this guide, you will learn:

  • What is a tackle In Stardew Valley
  • And the types of tackle In Stardew Valley

Let’s dive In.

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What Does Tackle Stand For In Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, a tackle is an upgrade for your Iridium Rod, which is the top-tier fishing pole. They are an accessory that Includes a little extra to your fishing game.

However, not all fishing poles get to use these add-ons; it’s exclusive for the Iridium Rod after an upgrade. These tackles aren’t everlasting as they join you for about 20 fishing sessions before taking a break.

They don’t even bother with annoying catches like Junk Items, Seaweed, or Algae As your fishing skills level up, you can craft your tackles, which is a budget-friendly move. But, finding the crafting recipes isn’t a guaranteed thing.

A tip: tackles don’t like stacking up in chests or inventories, so when you’re out and about, prioritize resources over the final loot.

It’s the practical approach. In a nutshell, tackle gives your fishing routine a small boost. With a 20-trip lifespan, they skip the bothersome catches.

Types of Tackles In Stardew Valley

1. Trap Bobber

Trap Bobber

When you’re out there in Stardew Valley, trying to spin in the tricky fish with your Iridium Rod, every fish seems to have its escape plan.

The Trap Bobber is handy against fish cunningness. It slows down the progress bar’s decline by a solid 33%. You get more time to make sure that slippery fish doesn’t slip away.

This is the most liked tackle if you’ve got your eyes on the feisty Crimsonfish. However, you can get the tackle bobber swing by the Fishing Shop and pick it up for 500g.

Pro tip: once you hit Level 6 in Fishing, you can channel your inner craftsperson and make your own Trap Bobber. All you need is a Copper Bar and 10 units of Sap.

2. Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter

In Stardew Valley, the Treasure Hunter is another fantastic tackle for fishing. Attach this tackle, and you will suddenly be able to get the Treasure Chests without worrying about the fish running away.

Pro tip: align the fishing bar with both the chest and fish icons for a speedy catch of both. However, you get a 20% boost in finding valuable items with this lure on duty.

Willy always has these in stock for a reasonable 750g. But If you want to craft your, and you’ve reached Fishing Level 7, you can make your Treasure Hunter lure. All it takes is a couple of Gold Bars (2) and a bit of fishing prowess.

3. Spinner


This tackle cuts down the time you wait for a fish to notice your bait by 3.75 seconds. It’s a shortcut to get the fish’s attention faster.

However, getting a Spinner is easy. You can make one yourself or buy it from Willy’s Fish Shop for 500g once you hit Fishing level 6. Sometimes, you may find it at the Traveling Cart for 750–1,250g.

Important detail: only the Iridium Rod can use this tackle. To attach it, just left-click on the tackle, then right-click on the Iridium Rod.

Taking it off is a two-step process, right-click to remove any bait, then right-click again to let go of the tackle. Pro Tip: tackles don’t like stacking in your inventory or chests. Each one takes up its own space.

4. Quality Bobber

Quality Bobber

Quality Bobber in Stardew Valley is a useful tool for your fishing rod, upgrading the quality of your catch by one level. To get the Quality Bobber, complete Willy’s “Juicy Bugs Wanted!” special order.

It’s a reward for your efforts. There’s also a bonus: solve a puzzle in Journal Scrap #4 on Ginger Island, and you’ll find another Quality Bobber.

However, it’s your only chance at catching iridium-quality fish. Forget buying it, this tackle and the Curiosity Lure are rebels that can’t be purchased at Willy’s Fish Shop.

It’s only the Iridium Rod that can wear the tackles. To attach one, click it, then click your rod. If you want it off, click It twice, once for bait, once for the tackle.

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5. Lead Bobber

Lead Bobber

This lead bobber makes sure the fishing bar behaves and doesn’t bounce around. However, If you want a Lead Bobber, swing by Willy’s Fish Shop once you hit Fishing level 6.

It’s a decent deal at 200g. And, keep an eye on the Traveling Cart; you may locate it there too, but it could cost you a bit more, ranging from 450g to 1,000g.

The Lead Bobber is one of those fishing accessories you can’t craft at home. It’s a store-bought exclusive, along with the Curiosity Lure.

To stick a Lead Bobber onto your rod, just left-click on the tackle, then right-click on the Iridium Rod. And if you decide to let go of the Lead Bobber, just right-click twice after clearing out any bait.

6. Dressed Spinner

Dressed Spinner

The Dressed Spinner in Stardew Valley ensures your fish bite about 7.5 seconds faster. Willy sells it for 1,000g, a small investment for quicker catches.

You may also win it at the winter festival’s fishing contest or get it as a reward for completing the Lake Fishing Bundle. Completing the Lake Fishing Bundle or winning a fishing contest could land you a Dressed Spinner for free. However, sometimes, the waters are generous, you may find it in a treasure chest while fishing.

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