World of Trollge Tier List

With several trollges, unique abilities, and quirks, you can now choose the right team to defeat your enemies. I present to you a tier list designed to help you go through the troll market and maximize your trolling potential.

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Tier List Breakdown

1. A-Tier

  • Knight: This dude throws his shield, charges enemies, and even has a temporary invincibility move. Perfect for tanking and disrupting.
  • Baker: Can spawn explosive cupcakes, and even turns enemies into croissants.
  • Glitchtale Gaster: Throws glitchy projectiles, and even creates illusions. For players who love a touch of the bizarre.
  • Willoughby: Creates slippery puddles, and even spawns a “Trollge Convention” event. Perfect for area-of-effect mayhem.

2. B-Tier

  • Trollface: The classic trollge, armed with basic attacks and a “Trollface” taunt. Not the most flashy, but a solid choice for beginners.
  • Derp: This goofy trollge throws derp balls, stuns enemies with a “Derp Aura,” and even summons a “Derpnado.” Fun and versatile, but not top-tier.
  • Noob: Known for throwing noob items and doing beginner-friendly attacks. Perfect for starting or trolling unsuspecting players.
  • Trollge Convention: Can summons other trollges, and even has a chance to spawn a “Trollge King.” It’s a troublesome party starter but requires luck.

3. C-Tier

  • Trollge God: Throws in some lightning bolts, creates a “Trollge Paradise,” and even summons angels. Powerful, but situational.
  • Holo: As the name implies, it releases holographic projectiles, teleports, and even turns invisible. Cool for trickery, but lacks raw power.
  • Trollge Mastermind: Can create illusions, and even has a chance to mind-control enemies. Strategic, but requires good timing.

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4. S-Tier

  • Troll King: His basic attacks are nothing special, but his troll-specific moves like “Distract” and “Fake News” are legendary.
  • McTroll: This fast-food fiend throws fries, sprays ketchup, and even summons a giant burger. His speed and unique attacks make him a chaotic delight.
  • Headless Troll Man: A sight to behold, this headless wonder throws his head, spawns smaller heads, and even turns invisible. Pure trolling genius.
  • Venus: With this, you get hearts, summon a love aura, and even heal enemies. Don’t let the sweetness fool you, her troll potential is undeniable.

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Final Thoughts

It’s time to put these tiers to use, you only have to check them out and discover the trollges that resonate with your inner troll.

The world of “World of Trollge” is your oyster, so unleash your creativity, troll responsibly, and remember: the best troll is the one that leaves everyone laughing.

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