Aniverse Battlegrounds Gift Codes

Aniverse Battlegrounds codes are gift codes usually distributed by the game developers for players to redeem In the game to claim rewards.

These rewards Include cash and candy. Aniverse Battlegrounds is a Roblox game where you pick an anime character from a list and fight against other players.

It’s a free-for-all battle, so it’s every player for themselves. The best part is, that you can use the special moves of your favorite anime heroes and villains.

It’s all about strategy and skill as you try to outsmart your opponents and be the last one standing. Maybe you’re a fan of Naruto, Dragon Ball, or any other anime, there’s something for everyone in the Aniverse Battlegrounds game.

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List Of Working Codes

  • !code 15kLikes – 350 cash
  • !code KillEffects – 400 cash
  • !code CrossHair – 400 cash
  • !code SkinBugsSorry – 350 cash
  • !code Tatsumaki – 500 cash
  • !code LUCK! – 450 cash
  • !code 14kLikes – 350 cash
  • !code SorryDelay – 350 cash
  • !code MOBILEEE
  • !code Shiftlock 
  • !code NameChange 
  • !code UiReworks!! 
  • !code Ulquiorra 
  • !code 13kLikes 
  • !code SORRYCONSOLEFIXED – $500
  • !code NewYears – $250
  • !code 12kLikes – $400

How To Redeem the Codes

Step 1: Launch Aniverse Battlegrounds On Roblox

  • First, open your Roblox and start the Aniverse Battlegrounds game.

Step 2: Access The Chat Feature

  • Find the chat button, then click on it to open the chat interface.

Step 3: Enter The Redemption Command

  • In the chat text box, type the command “!code” followed by a space.
  • This command is used to indicate that you’re redeeming a code.
  • Make sure to include the exclamation mark before “code” and the space after it.

Step 4: Input The Redemption Code

  • After typing “!code” and the space, enter the specific redemption code exactly as it appears in the provided list.
  • Ensure that you input the code accurately, including any capitalization or special characters.

Step 5: Claim Your Reward

  • Once you’ve entered the code correctly, press the enter key on your keyboard to submit the code for the redemption process.
  • After a brief moment, you should receive a confirmation message showing that you’ve successfully redeemed the code and claimed your reward.

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Other Ways To Get New Codes

To get Aniverse Battlegrounds codes, consider joining the Abridged Studios Roblox Group. This group often releases gift codes for their games, including Aniverse Battlegrounds.

Once you’re a member, watch for announcements or check the group’s feed for any new codes. Another reliable source for Aniverse Battlegrounds codes is the official Aniverse Studios Discord Server.

Discord is a communication platform widely used by gaming communities, and Aniverse Studios maintains an official server where they often share updates, announcements, and promo codes for their games. Joining the server will give you direct access to the latest information and codes related to Aniverse Battlegrounds.

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